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    [WTB] Rack Road Case

    If you're from United States here's an ebay seller with multiple listings for Edak Milex racks for 99usd/each. I've couple of Edak racks and they're great shock mount racks with outer shells made from aluminium.
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    Inventec B601GA2. Cheap Dual 2011-3 with OCP slots

    Only 3 of the 9 mounthing holes don't align. Adding mounthing points shouldn't be too hard, ought to drill holes through the bottom of the chassis and secure 6-7mm long m3 nylon extensions with 3mm long m3 sunkhead screws from the outside. I/O area is also little too wide to fit into normal case...
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    20-pin ATX + Supermicro PJ1 port?

    Seems to provide ground lead, +5V standby, PS_ON and PWR_GOOD signals from/for normal ATX powersupply. Yes you can use 20-pin connectors as those signals are in same places with both 20- and 24-pin atx connectors.
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    Inventec B601GA2. Cheap Dual 2011-3 with OCP slots

    Pretty cheap dual LGA2011-3 boards on ebay right now if you don't mind introducing your chassis with angle grinder due to OCP slot (assuming it'll be used). There's no onboard nic and that single ethernet connector is for IPMI/BMC. SAS connectors seem to be for SATA connectivity. Received...
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    Cheapest narrow ilm heatsink/fan? Can I use the passive heatsink only?

    I think I've gotten mounting hardware from Noctua even without receipts by sending a image that has the motherboard, cooler and post-it with "PSK" in it. My oldest Noctua cooler must be atleast 10 years now and I've still gotten new mounting hardware for it when ever I've asked.
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    Switch Quanta LB6M 16x 10G SFP+ - UNDER 100€

    Yeaah, 3,94USD shipping to Finland with UPS sounded bit fishy.
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    Inventec C202 Motherboards - 10Gbe and 4x SAS ports ~$20

    Throwing one of those lga1150 boards into 4U atx case was way easier than i thought.
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    Mellanox ConnectX-5 VPI 100GbE and EDR InfiniBand Review

    For science you should get a Mellanox MAM1Q00A-QSA28 QSFP28 to SFP28 adapter and 10/100/1000BASE-T SFP. Then connect it to 10Mbps Full-Duplex switch port.
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    Inventec C202 Motherboards - 10Gbe and 4x SAS ports ~$20

    G3220 boots with ECC UDIMM, I might have recalled wrong with the non-ECC part. Unlike the silkscreen says the HBA-controller is LSI2008.
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    Inventec C202 Motherboards - 10Gbe and 4x SAS ports ~$20

    Atleast on the PCB's silkscreen it says LSI2308.
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    Inventec C202 Motherboards - 10Gbe and 4x SAS ports ~$20

    I've one of those LGA1150 boards with single SFP+ port and 2x SAS ports. Didn't post with i5 4570/4590 but works with Xeon 1230L v3 using both ECC and non-ECC udimm. Going to test with G3220 next weekend when one as I get a loaner from a friend this weekend. Going to use that board on a tape...
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    51 Piece Wiha Precision Screwdriver Set $139

    Great precision tools made from proper materials. I've Torx, Hex and Slot/Philips sets in ESD variant. Buy Wiha 00560 on top of that and you've everthing one would need for computer work. 00560 is the best tool for motherboard and DVI/VGA/RS232 standoffs.
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    WTF is this LSI SAS3008 card?

    Surely odd card as it uses internal SFF-8643 rather than SFF-8644 which is meant for external connections.
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    futureproofing house wiring... CAT8 or..?

    Cat6a is fine for house wiring, Cat7 if you want to go fancy. But say no to Cat8. Just as wikipedia says: