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    hgst 8tb HUH728080AL4200 4KN $89

    He has 20 left. Decent price if it has little usage.
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    6x 10gbe 1u supermicro sever but...

    Those will make some of the fanciest door stops money can buy.
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    Is there a way to restore an LSI 2208 after firmware update failure?

    I'm sure the cause of my issue is similar. But I have no way of resetting the card. And I cannot get past this notification. The card I have is an LSI 9260-4i. I've tried multiple systems. I still get the following message "Discovery error has occured, please powercycle the system and all the...
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    Huawei HSSD 4TB Nvme - what is it ?

    ES3000 V5 NVMe SSD Disk ─ Huawei products Are these for sale cheap somewhere?
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    Intel 660p SSD 1TB M2 SSD (QLC)

    $101.99 After Promo Code: NEFPBL24 Best price I've seen aside from Ebay auctions
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    Need a little help with building IP camera server

    I'm looking at this: Supermicro | Products | SuperStorage Servers | 4U | 5049P-E1CTR36L For an IP camera recording server with 100 720p-1080p cameras. Will populate with 36 12TB drives, 4x16GB memory, Windows 2016 server. Have not decided on which drive or processor yet but I was leaning...
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    eBay 15% off $50+ today

    Code works. Excellent, thank you!
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    New 1.92TB SanDisk Cloudspeed Eco Gen2 $400

    Bought one to use as a dedicated drive for security cameras. Thanks for the post
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    File server Windows Essentials 2016

    Thank you Chris, good to know about those limitations.
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    File server Windows Essentials 2016

    I'm in the same kind of boat as the op, we need a new file server too. My needs are a little different. I have about 200 users on a Windows 2008 R2 domain server that is rapidly approaching 8 years of age, and I'm being hit with some stringent password changes that take effect soon. We don't do...
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    APC Smart-UPS 1500 Pure-Sine Wave

    They could get away with a pricing mistake easily on Ebay but not so much on Amazon. If any sales were denied they will be penalized for it.
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    Best Buy WD External 8TB $139 NESN 12/07/17

    In store only? Website is still at $299 Local store asking same price.
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    Mellanox MCX311A-XCAT 10 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Adapter Card ConnectX-3 CX311A $12 obo + $15 Shipping

    Got mine in. All but one were made in China. One was made in Israel. Looks identical to the Chinese cards. All came wrapped nicely in pink antistatic bubble wrap. This wrap will protect cards from static buildup but not static discharge, just have to ground yourself before handling.
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    [DEAD] WD reds 4/8TB $90/$200 via shucking - update, 8TB reds now $180, 4TB deal looks dead.

    Raid controllers don't look at hd cache when making a vd, they look at drive sizes.