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    Tiny/Mini/Micro PC experiences

    That’s true the updated 1650 Super has a variant with a gen 7 NVENC. For Plex transcoding does VRAM matter that much though? A 1650 Super has 4 GB vs a 1660 Ti having 6 GB.
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    Tiny/Mini/Micro PC experiences

    Probably less than 6 1080p streams. What I’d love to do is standardize my library to 4K Remux and have that transcoded from 4K to 1080p as needed. I’m aware QuickSync is pretty good, but the quality preset isn’t as good as a 6th or 7th gen NVENC AFAIK.
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    Tiny/Mini/Micro PC experiences

    I’m considering moving my Plex setup to a lower wattage system. I briefly moved to my Synology DS1821+ but the Ryzen V1500B really struggles on even 1080p transcodes. Right now I’m obsessing over the EliteDesk 800 G6 w/ GTX 1660 Ti. At a minimum I think I need a 7th Gen NVENC (Turing/Ampere)...
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    Ideas to do a quieter Sonarr/Radarr setup

    I purchased a Synology DS1821+ a year ago but only had the chance to set it up recently. It is stuffed with 18 TB EXOS drives backed by 2 x 2 TB non-enterprise NVMe cache, with the RAM maxed out to 32 GB. Synology’s caching seems a bit janky tbh so I have mine set up as read only. Docker is...
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    Help me pick parts for a new computer

    I’ve always purchased ASUS motherboards, but at this point my main annoyance is even their high end boards tend to have cold boot issues. My old ASUS Intel boards have it. My current Crosshair VII Hero WiFi has it. I’ve been recently putting together a list for a CPU-focused budget build for an...
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    Amazon - age verification by the delivery man!

    Perhaps Amazon is being extra careful to comply with laws pertaining to sale of tobacco/nicotine products/paraphernalia to minors. My hair is almost fully grey by this point yet I still get carded all the time for nicotine or alcohol purchases for example. The penalties to the business for...
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    Amazon - age verification by the delivery man!

    What exactly was purchased where they would even need to verify identity? If it was a certified delivery, then the expectation is that the receiver identifies them self. I’m not aware of having bought anything from Amazon, irregardless of the cost where they asked for my identification. Heck...
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    more reliable main OS HDD's? (not SSD's)

    Back 20 years ago, I swore by WD drives. 5 year warranty, top of class performance, high reputation; surely the days of death clicks were over. I neglected to remember that mechanical drives are mechanical. WD dropping warranties from 5 to 3 years was a big sign. Needless to say, I lost the...
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    Current Games that can take advantage of Dual CPUs?

    Until Ryzen was released in 2017, the top end gaming CPUs were stuck at 4 cores for years. As an example, my old gaming rig used a i7-2600k and my workstation used a i5-2500k and they were completely adequate from 2011 until I upgraded to Ryzen in 2017. I’ve since given away my Ryzen 1700 PC to...
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    Build a Bear.... err Server Room (both need alot of insulation/stuffing?)

    I bought it around Labor Day 2017, so just under 3 years hopefully. I’ll give them a call on Monday:confused: You’re right the Atomic line is a bit too small. The 20V line is the perfect size. I had the 18V versions years back, but wanted something a bit newer and smaller. Sadly, this was...
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    Build a Bear.... err Server Room (both need alot of insulation/stuffing?)

    Interestingly, I have the same drill/impact driver set (except in a hard carry case, which I got for the same price as the soft bag a couple Labor Day’s ago). Today my drill died in the middle of pre-drilling holes for a can crusher in the garage. :confused:
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    ASRock Rack X570D4I-2T AMD Ryzen Server in mITX

    AFAIK, the SoC root PCIe complex since Zen 1 supported both 8x/8x and 4x/4x/4x/4x bifurcation, just like the IMC supported ECC. This does not mean that the feature will be implemented though. While it would be lovely for AMD to support a proper Xeon E competitor, as mentioned by many voices...
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    Building 50-100TB NAS/RAID Backup Server for Genomic Lab

    Nothing wrong with ZFS tbh. I prefer it myself, though I can say that without commercial support, it’s not something I would recommend for regular admins. Especially if your job depends on it. It’s much better to shift that responsibility to a commercial vendor, of course after doing the proper...
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    Building 50-100TB NAS/RAID Backup Server for Genomic Lab

    For your use case of doing daily backups, a rack mount such as the Storinator may be over kill. Certainly a Xeon is not needed to do that. You’d also need to consider the self-support costs due to the added complexity of running a rack mount. I don’t recall 45 Drives offering such support. An...
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    I did a thing.

    Benchmarks would be much appreciated @sboesch. Out of curiousity though, what sorts of things are you using this TrueNAS Core box for? I'm wavering at the moment on CPU sizing, as while a 3700X seems quite perfect, I'm not sure if I need all those cores for simple 10G storage needs since I run...