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    FS: Miktrotek CRS305-1G-4S+IN Switch 10gb SFP+

    Probably plus tax and shipping though. Make an offer if you want. I just went approximately off what they are selling for on eBay.
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    FS: Miktrotek CRS305-1G-4S+IN Switch 10gb SFP+

    No fan and I always powered it over POE so fairly low power. I used a Wiitek 10gb Ethernet SFP and DAC cables from eBay with no issues. I could test and see what power consumption is like with those plugged in. No modules included since I need those for my new switch. ;) EDIT: According to the...
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    FS: Miktrotek CRS305-1G-4S+IN Switch 10gb SFP+

    Miktrotek CRS305-1G-4S+IN $115 Shipped SOLD Replaced with a Aruba Instant On 1930 24G Class4 PoE 4SFP/SFP+ 195W Switch (JL683B) so I no longer need this. Heatware: rekd0514
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    FS: Supermicro X9SRL-F /// Xeon E5-2680v2 /// Samsung 8GB ECC Memory

    Supermicro X9SRL-F - $100 shipped SOLD Xeon 2680v2 - $15 shipped SOLD Samsung M393B1G70QH0-YK0Q9 (8GB x4) DDR3 ECC RDIMM- $25 shipped Samsung M391B1G73QH0-YK0 (8GB x2) DDR3 ECC UDIMM - $20 shipped I was using the 2680v2 and 8GBx4 kit in the Supermicro motherboard before I upgraded it to a...
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    EXPIRED (US) - Oh look, hell just froze over - HP t740 thin clients are back below 400 USD (375 to 400, Wifi/BT or not)

    It looks like the V1756B only has PCI-E 3.0 so the 6400 will be bandwidth limited in that 16x slot but will work.
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    HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Mini Additional Built-in NIC

    Very cool, I have a 3D printer as well. If only a Intel NIC option were available.
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    Some information about HP T620 Plus Flexible Thin Client machines for network appliance builds...

    According to the pictures above, the BIOS chip looks to be removable. You could buy a cheap BIOS chip flasher and fix it yourself if you can't get it to boot. Have you tried removing the CMOS battery or leaving the system running for quite awhile? The HP BIOS updates take several reboots and...
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    I had the same issue with a 10gb NIC I added. You need to change the PCIe lanes to 8x/8x/8x or something similar in the BIOS.
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    For anyone wanting to tweak your memory a bit with this motherboard, I found out from a German Youtube video that the timings in the BIOS are in hexadecimal so you you need to convert them from normal decimal format. I am now running a Samsung B die kit at 3200MHz 18-18-18-18-36-58 and trfc of...
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    Used Aruba AP-325 (APIN0325)

    I assume these require a controller and license fees? Seems like a great price though. The instant on APs and switches seem to be pretty good options for the money honestly.
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    Anyone else notice the timings settings for memory not saving? I tried setting them in the overclocking section and CBS section in BIOS and they will not change. I am using non ECC Samsung B die memory at the moment. I am only attempting to change the first 6. It will allow me to change the...
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    PfSense, how to block one MAC address from accessing the Internet

    Go into the DHCP server. Find MAC address control. Add Mac to Deny section?