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    pfSense adding WireGuard VPN and pfSense Plus

    The things they've announced about pfSense+ features sound really great, things myself and others have wanted for a long time. But... this new version that has all this new great stuff is closed source which feels like a betrayal of the project. They keep saying on reddit that the community...
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    Gigabyte WRX80-SU8-IPMI AMD Threadripper Pro Motherboard

    I am incredibly excited that Threadripper Pro is coming to the DIY market. This is definitely what I'm going to upgrade my main server to as it meets all my requirements. 1. High core counts 2. High clock speeds 3. Large memory address capability (RDIMM support) 4. Full ECC memory support And...
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    Suggestion for Reviews

    I really do enjoy the reviews here at STH but if there's one thing I'd really like is a table at the start of a review or mid-way on the first page of a review that lists all the specifications of the product. Take this review for example...
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    This was a great read. You could really feel your excitement and enthusiasm coming through.
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    literally a plank of wood touch panel

    If it's real wood I expect they just use a precise cutting tool to make the front very thin so the light shines through. Similar to how Apple used to do it on the aluminium MacBook Pro's that had sleep indicators hidden behind the aluminium without any material change that were visible etc If...
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    Core i7 3930K compatibility with RDIMM?

    I do agree. I actually changed from a 3930K to a E5-1650 and I switched that out for two E5-2667v2's about 10 months ago. So for me this platform is still very much alive. I certainly considered buying new, going DDR4 and such but the pricing was nuts. I could pickup two 8 core processors (the...
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    Core i7 3930K compatibility with RDIMM?

    I didn't think this thread would receive any more replies since it's over four years old. But thank you for replying and settling it, it's good to know for sure :)
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    What happened with LGA 2011-3 Motherboards for Haswell-E with DDR3?

    It definitely contradicts what their support told me and to be honest their support is lousy so they likely said anything to get rid of me without looking into it.
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    What happened with LGA 2011-3 Motherboards for Haswell-E with DDR3?

    You got a lot more ram than I have! - I'm just rocking 8 x 8GB. But I bought that RAM in 2014 and the prices for DDR4 then were high, I paid about $600 just for 64GB. I think if I was buying DDR3 ECC 1600MHz now (which my current 8GB ones are) I'd prob get 128GB or more for the same price.
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    What happened with LGA 2011-3 Motherboards for Haswell-E with DDR3?

    That's funny, we went with the same CPU, same Motherboard, similar Noctua coolers etc I got mine configured a bit different, I have a bunch of 850 Pro SSD's in there and a Intel X540-T2 network card and a LSI RAID Card + HP SAS Expander card. PSU I'm using is a Corsair 1200i (1200 Watt thing...
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    What happened with LGA 2011-3 Motherboards for Haswell-E with DDR3?

    This is what I did. I started off in 2014 with a 6 core sandy bridge XEON in a dual-socket board (only one socket populated). Then late last year I upgraded it to dual Ivy Bridge 8 Core XEON's (I needed clock speed more than core counts) thus maximising my server. I spent $300 x 2 on those...
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    What happened with LGA 2011-3 Motherboards for Haswell-E with DDR3?

    I remember reading the original article and I asked Asrock for clarification, they told me the DDR3 thing was a typo, they merely copy and pasted the english specifications from the LGA 2011 (Sandy/Ivy) boards and updated the information but they forgot to update the DDR3 to DDR4. They later...
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    Core Density.

    There are a few reasons for this but it comes down to single thread performance which is dictated by IPC (Instructions Per Clock) and the actual clock speed of the chips. You will find that the Core i7 7700K is Kaby-Lake which is one of the fastest architectures Intel has. Current XEON's only...
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    pfsense: A 'meltdown' of a different sort?

    In my opinion he is the biggest threat to pfSense being a viable business. Not the outside forces. For example Jim purchasing and then pointing it to a parody site of the real opnsense website. That's just so juvenile. According to the other co-founder of pfSense they are using...
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    pfsense: A 'meltdown' of a different sort?

    It's a real shame to see what was once a really well respected project be pulled through the mud by its own maintainers like this. Their childish antics and flagrant flippant remarks make the project look so petty, disorganised and amateur. I'm as of this moment still running pfSense on my home...