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    HP DL325, Epyc 24 core 7402p, 64GB, SAS $1611

    Price raised to $1689.
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    FYI Best Buy Business Accounts NO Discounts

    Last year for business accounts you received 10% off everything. This year it changed to 10% off regular price items only. Now, no more 10% for anything, including full retail price items.
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    $79.75: 960GB Micron 5100 Pro

    Today, $77.76
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    WD My Book 10tb $79.99

    I like getting $20 for the price mistakes. I should have ordered more. Next time.
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    Best Buy WD 8TB EasyStore $129.99

    Best Buy WD 8TB Easystore sale started today 03/21/2019 $129.99.
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    Best Buy WD 10TB w Flash Drive $169.99, now $159.99

    Thanks svtkobra7 for reminder of price match. I got mine credited for my previous purchases, too.
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    Athena Power BP-15827SAC 1x5.25" to 8x2.5" $20

    Thanks OP. My last one from Icy Dock was much higher price.
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    Best Buy WD 10TB w Flash Drive $169.99, now $159.99

    President's Sale $169.99 with 32GB usb drive
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    10TB Easystore $161.99 at BestBuy - Business Pricing

    No more discounts on Sale Prices.
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    Bestbuy - WD 8tb $130

    Via phone call, it was quite easy to change my personal account into the business account using my personal address and personal SSI. Log in with my existing user id and password and all item prices adjusted downward by 10%.
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    Supermicro FAN-0074L4 - BO @ $6 + Free Shipping

    Fan specs per manufacture 90 CFM 51 DB
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    eBay $15 off $75+

    Yes, it was a short time period yesterday only.
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    US - eBay Intel DC S3500 300GB $74 free shipping

    My offer for $50 each ship for 2 was accepted this morning. I thought it was dead offer, too.
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    Best Buy WD External 8TB $139 NESN 12/07/17

    Got mine today. 7SGWT RED All eight of my NESN RED.
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    Best Buy WD External 8TB $139 NESN 12/07/17

    The last five NESN ones I received were all WD Reds 256mb.