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    PoE IP camera that works without "clouds" recommendation

    I’ve had really good luck with both Hickvision and Dahua cameras. Quality is good (not excellent, but good) and they seem to last. Two cautions: - I don’t trust them not to be vulnerable to hacks, backdoors, etc. I put them up on a separate subnet with their own firewall and completely block...
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    STH Turns 12 and Some Thank Yous

    From a blog post on Windows Home Server and SAS Expenders to this...quite a journey @Patrick!
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    Netgate removed all mention of pfSense from their website + Major Regressions in pfSense 2.5 and newer

    One of the beauties of Open Source is that you don't just have to "open a ticket (issue)" and wait for them to get around to fixing it. Since this one is pretty simple - adding support for an exiting kernel module - have you considered being a being a part of the community and submitting the...
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    Thoughts on new TP-Link 10GBASE-T switches?

    $450 for a totally unmanaged 8 port 10Gbe switch? Seems pretty pricey for that. Maybe that price would be OK if it at least had some minimal management (VLAN control, etc). Compare with Zyxcel 10 port multi-gig (10/5/2.5/1) fully managed option @ $499: Zyxel 8-Port Multi-Gig + 2...
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    What's Currently the Best Bang for the Buck CPU/MB for a Home Server?

    For that set of workloads I’d skip the big Xeon/Epyc and go with current gen Intel desktop parts. I’d also skip ESXi and freenNAS. Just run Ubuntu, build up your disk array on ZFS and share it out with Samba or NFS. The i9-10900 is about perfect. You can run BlueIris in a KVM vm and pass...
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    Supermicro X9 fan controll
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    AsRock Industrial PCIE-2.5GPoE-4P

    Doubt its the same board - no PoE on the QNAP. Having 4 ports of 2.5gbe with PoE could be very interesting to support multiple WiFi-6 APs.
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    Netgear limited lifetime warranty on 8 year old switch

    In my experience Netgear has been GREAT with their “lifetime” warranty claims. I’ve had several pieces of equipment repaired/replaced by them even when I can’t prove provenance (no receipt/no registration). I think their financial model assumes very few people would even bother to R&R...
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    Shaping the sub-forum discussion

    Is it possible to make the sub-forum completely invisible unless logged in?
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    Recommended SuperMicro retailers?

    I’ve had good luck using finding SM parts that are not up on their website. If you know the SM part number message them and they may be able to source it/price it for you. I used to use for this but they closed their direct web store...
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    FS switch Review

    Astroturfing - using a number of fake identities to create the illusion of “grass roots” support for an idea/product. “Fake grass roots”.
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    FS X11SDV-4C-TP8F and X11SDV-12C-TP8F

    The X11SDV-12C-TP8F - $1250/obo shipped USA only is still available...
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    X11SDV-4C-TP8F $449 - claims "new"

    Just my -4C board is sold. The -12C board is still available, but its really a different price class. I posted this thread at the same time as I listed mine. Probably a bad choice if I wanted maximum price but, WTH, I'm a believer in full disclosure! :).
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    FS X11SDV-4C-TP8F and X11SDV-12C-TP8F

    I had a typo in the listing - edited. CPU from dmesg: smpboot: CPU0: Intel(R) Xeon(R) D-2123IT CPU @ 2.20GHz (family: 0x6, model: 0x55, stepping: 0x4) It does not have QAT
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    FS X11SDV-4C-TP8F and X11SDV-12C-TP8F

    Sadly I’ve had too many troubles with international shipping - buyers get duties/taxes, it’s harder than just a quick drop-off at the post office and returns are expensive for both of us if something goes wrong...except in very special situations.