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    EPYC for multiple usecases (1st vs 2nd gen question)

    Personally, I'd go with 16 faster cores over 24 slower ones for a game server, since a ton of games don't know what to do with more than 4 or 8 cores. Your other workloads may or may not be enough to occupy the remaining cores -- depends on how heavily you're utilizing the NAS/VMs/etc. The 20%...
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    Asrock X570D4U-2L2T Build

    It won't be a bios setting, and since your particular adapter is designed for NVMe, it won't be able to do it without hardware modifications. M.2 ports determine what mode they run in based on particular pins being tied to either VCC or ground, so any passive adapter that can do either mode...
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    Intel Persistent Memory

    Not sure about the Dell offerings, but I know at least Supermicro makes workstations that can use first gen Pmem, for example this one: NeweggBusiness - Supermicro GPU SuperWorkstation SYS-7049GP-TRT Dual LGA3647 DDR4 2200W 4U Rackmoutable / Tower Workstation Barebone System . I'm not sure of...
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    Toshiba 12Gb SAS3 SSD usually negotiates link at 6Gb/s

    Possibly a dodgy cable or backplane? Do you have any other cables you can try, ideally straight from the HBA to the drive, to see if it reliably links up at 12G then? And I'd recommend double checking that every cable and the backplane are all rated for 12G. The fact that it occasionally...
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    System absurdly underperforming on Madmax plotter (chia)

    Have you tried doing some standard non-Chia benchmarks on your system, just to make sure its baseline performance is in line with expectations? It's possible that this isn't a Chia plotting problem at all, and something about your system really is making it underperform.
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    10G-SFPP-T slow in one direction

    Yes, there are several threads about that: Basically, since the...
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    Agreed, except you don't necessarily need 256GB on the GPU -- CXL solves the problem of attaching a lot of storage to GPUs very elegantly, and it's coming very soon. And as for whether a $1020 GPU could create a plot in 3.75 seconds, that remains to be seen. But the Chia devs didn't think the...
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    You don't necessarily have to construct a winning plot reliably every time to still have a huge advantage if you can make them on the fly. Just being able to always pass the plot filter means that the one plot you're creating is equivalent to having created and stored 512 plots. At that point...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Following because I'm having the same issue, except that mine never worked in the first place. At first I assumed I got a bad cable, but now I've tried with 3 different QSFP->4xSFP+ DAC cables (1 Dell branded Amphenol, 2 10GTek), and none of them will link up. I do see further up in the thread...
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    These days, I'm not even sure businesses can get that unless they have a preexisting supply contract. The closest thing I've found that's somewhat available to individuals is the 20-packs that BLT sells. For example, 20x16T for $7252, $22/TB, which before Chia would have been an average...
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    Benchmarking SSDs - what tools do you use?

    The P4801x was actually launched some time in 2019, it's the P4800x drives that were earlier. The equivalent pages for the P4800x has older options listed as compatible...
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    Benchmarking SSDs - what tools do you use?

    My bad, I guess it wasn't on ARC but somewhere else on the Intel page. This is what I meant:
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    Mix 10G 2.5G, slow speed, high Retr

    That engenius will be nice if it comes down in price in the future. At 600 though, those two extra 10g SFP+ ports are 100 each, which is way too much IMO, given that I can get a brocade with 8 SFP+ ports for ~200. I do think the 8x 2.5 + 2x 10 is a nice combination, since all the 2.5g ports...
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    NAS Build: Xeon vs. EPYC 3000 vs. Ryzen

    One thing to keep in mind is that the D-2100 series has an entire Lewisburg PCH embedded in it, which contains 4x 10gbe and has a 15W TDP all by itself. That may not account for all of the increased power consumption over the previous generation, but it's certainly a big chunk of it.
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    Mix 10G 2.5G, slow speed, high Retr

    Trendnet also has an 8x 2.5g + 2x 10G SFP+ switch that's a bit cheaper than the Netgear offerings at 400. I don't have any experience with them myself, but I've been thinking of picking one up to add some 2.5G ports to my main 10G network...