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    Cool new mining case And motherboard for my P106-100 GTX 1060 gpu's UPDATE: Its assembled!! Finally!

    Do you have a kill-a-watt to find out how many watts is the motherboard using?
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    xmrig Monero Dwarfpool Image Testing

    reduce # of threads. Try 1 thread per 2M of L3 cache. numthreads=32 for 64M L3
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    STH Aeon Mining Pool Beta Access

    Can I have a pool access? I have an idle 1950x.
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    WTB - old IBM Keyboards; Model F (XT/AT) or Model M (PS2)

    I think one advantage of Ellipse's new F keyboard is that you can order it with the HHKB layout (the old Unix layout used by Sun Microsystems). I ordered a black F77, as I do like the num pad and arrow keys. Furthermore, I ordered some spare flippers and small parts. I am pretty sure that...
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    WTB - old IBM Keyboards; Model F (XT/AT) or Model M (PS2)

    You can order a brand new one here Brand New Model F Keyboards – Mechanical Capacitive Buckling Spring Keyboards with NKRO Discussion: [GB] F62+F77 orders now open! New Kishsaver+Industrial Model F Keyboards • deskthority [GB] F62+F77 orders now open! New Kishsaver+Industrial Model F Keyboards
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    Workstation for developer - OS/backup combo?

    Can't help you with Windows, but there is thing such as NixOS (Linux) that let you define all your configurations in one configuration file and you can copy this file to a new machine and rebuild everything. I suppose that you have Raid 1 on the stuffs that you write. The stuff that MSFT and...
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    44 cores 512gb X10DRG-Q 4-way SLI

    You just need to buy the most basic package, and everything can be upgraded using in-game currency and rewards. I don't remember but I think I spent/donate/sponsor/kickstart one basic package for $30 or $35, a couple years back. Also, there was an alpha 3.0 demo a couple weeks back and the...
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    ES chips surfaced on Ebay are all E5. Has been there any E3 chips that are ES?
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    Help me build a low-power server!

    Rumor is that the new AMD Zen idles at 2.5W (4 cores) and 5W (8 cores). Also, Intel's Kirby Lake is coming out in a couple months as well. I suggest that you wait for a little while.
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    Firewall / Gateway / Router recommendation?

    I have gigabit at home (900Mbps down) and I use this Mikrotik router. Fanless, with stateful firewall. Average power usage is 16W. Mikrotik has a desktop Windows App named winbox for configuration (also runs on Linux using Wine). I bought it from the Ebay store of an authorized dealer. Ebay...
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    Intel DC S3500 Series 600GB SSD SATA 2.5"

    you guys are bad influence. Now what am I going to do with this. $125 x 1 accepted.
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    2 disk NAS $34.94 w/Free shipping

    It only allows 2Tb hard drives.
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    Router on a Stick -vs- Layer 3 Routing with Switch

    This is a "home" network? I am doing all my firewalling, routing, QoS, Vlans, subnets, switching on a single Mikrotik CCR router. Simplify, I say.
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    Need Server Build Advice

    snapraid + mergefs may work for you Debian, MergerFS, SnapRAID and Docker – The Perfect Home Media Server 2016 –
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    Small Multi-headed / Storage Hypervisor - CPU advice?

    What kind of gaming? A Nvidia Geforce Pascal sitting idle still eats too much wattage, imho. My suggestion is to run a lower power file/media server, a separate PC/console for gaming, and a Nvidia Shield Android TV for watching tv, music, and listening to music. It is $150 on sale, runs Kodi...