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    Purpose of low end SKUs

    Interesting Point. But isn't faster (large 15k SAS arrays/SSD/NVME) storage to some degree limited by CPU speed? These are low core count and low Frequency CPUs so there isn't much room for overhead. So is it mainly aimed at "slower" storage units and faster ones need faster CPUs? Or is the...
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    Purpose of low end SKUs

    I've been thinking about this for a while now: There are these E5-2603 (and their newer v2-4 predecessors) low end CPUs all over ebay for (sometimes) single digit prices. They aren't fast, nor do they pack any special features other than being cheap (even new they where dirt cheap compared to...
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    350w gold psu for Supermicro X9DRI-LN4F+ 2x E5-2650 V2

    edit: Was a bit late last night, didnt read that OP well enough. This is not relevant for this thread, but probably generally good advice when building PCs. Also will not delete, so theres no confusion.
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    Smallest mATX mini-tower for 6xHDD + 2xSSD?

    Since you've mentioned the LianLi PC-Q25B: There's a mATX version of that case, though it it only offers 5x 3.5" drive mounts, you'd be probably able to mount one or two drives at the bottom. It's called the "PC-M25B".