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    HP Prodesk 600 G4 Mini i7-8700T 32GB

    mini or micro? micro has 4x ram slots :) if it's the micro, I'll take it
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    WTB 'semi bulk' Intel S3700 400GB SSD (24)

    ehh, I have 28 or so Intel S3700 200gb drives. Good luck in your hunt!
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    EliteDesk 705 G4 R5-2400GE 16GB RAM 256GB SSD $200

    US link for the lazy (like me) HP EliteDesk 705 G4 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 3.20GHz 16GBRAM 256 NVME HDD Mini-Desktop PC | eBay
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    Lenovo M920Q - 8500T / 32G ram / 128G SSD - $450

    here are mine
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    Lenovo M920Q - 8500T / 32G ram / 128G SSD - $450

    well. I still want the M920Q. ill pm ya
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    Lenovo M920Q - 8500T / 32G ram / 128G SSD - $450

    i have 5x i3 TMM with 16gb ram maybe we could do a trade;) i want to consolidate to 1
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    WTB - Quanta LB6M Switch

    @T_Minus has several
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    (Sold)[FS][US-CA]Pair of TMM Nodes Dell 7060 i7-8700T 32GB RAM 500GB M.2 NVME SSD No Wifi Windows 10 Pro $775 for both

    oh man. these are exactly what I was looking for a few months ago. let me ponder.
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    [US] WTB: Enterprise Level SSDs

    I have 24x 200gb Intel S3700 drives if you're looking to make a large array.
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    4TB P4500 SSD - USD$375

    us link
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    [WTB] intel 905p or p4801x SSD

    i have 1x 905p 480gb u.2 1x 900p 480gb AIC 1x 900p 280gb AIC retail drives with box. pm if interested!!
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    Juniper SRX345 can't load Kernel

    wrong sub-forum?
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    EU [WTB] [DE] SLOG Devices (e.g. Optane DC (SSDs, Persistent Memory)), Supermicro Backplanes and PDBs, 6*6TB HDDs

    Too bad I'm in American now, use to live in Germany. I have 3x optane 900p/905p and RMS-300 8gb device. 1m iops is pretty amazing :D
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    SOLD - [US-PA] OPNsense DEC3840 Firewall

    is she a screamer? suitable for home env?