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    A question for old timers... Do you remember the SAS3081E-R? Boot drive selection...

    I take it its a HBA ? (Been so long) If so flash a BIOS to it, without bootable BIOS, ALT-B or A won't show
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    Dell R510 Experiences

    Another month or so passes by, been trying a few things Had a scare of server dieing as after powercut, server refused to boot did everyhting but post Quite odd as iDrac was working, pressing power button turned on fans and drives spun up, but no post Ended up with everything pulled out, down...
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    Anybody have a working link to the latest 2208 firmware? - /wdl/driver/SAS/Broadcom/
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    R720 No Raid Controller

    You could get the H710 Mini and run cable from it to the 4bay backplane ie replace SFF-8087 cable coming of Motheboard to backplane This cable is awkward as its proprietary 8port in one connector vs standard SFF-8087 having just 4 ports and needing 2x cables Or any other RAID card in a PCIe slot...
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    Only sees 1 HDD of 6 when connect DL380P 12xSFF backplane to LSI 9207-8i

    Then wouldn't all the other people with the DL380 G8 12bay drive chassis mod have the same issue as you ?
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    Only sees 1 HDD of 6 when connect DL380P 12xSFF backplane to LSI 9207-8i

    Do the 2x SATA ports work on the exander ? I think they are near the power connectors, these would go to the rear 2 bays on a DL380 Also have a looksy here for more things DL380 G8 Expander/backplane stuff Try swapping cables round on both 9207 and expander, try dfferent cable Try swapping...
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    Only sees 1 HDD of 6 when connect DL380P 12xSFF backplane to LSI 9207-8i

    Grab a live Ubuntu CD/ISO and boot to that What can it see ? If drives there, then probably a WIndows issue If no drives just the expander could be that then, but odd it works before OS How is your system setup, is the Expander in a DL380 or have you taken it our and in another system Could a...
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    Only sees 1 HDD of 6 when connect DL380P 12xSFF backplane to LSI 9207-8i

    In Windows are the drives Intiitalised ie GPT or MBR ?, Disk Management can show this Windows won't see drives until initilised Also grab MSM app for windows from Broadcom Install and it will show controller + drives attached
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    Dell Poweredge R730 & Rack 7910 Riser GPU power pinout question

    Triple check before using, I doubt a R730 Mobo will be cheap if you get it wrong, but cheaper than a Tesla
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    is my M5110e dead ?

    Here is LSIREC, I compiled it for CentOS 7 And LSIUtil pretty sure its the Linux version
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    is my M5110e dead ?

    If lspci doesn't see it then pretty nothing will Try other PCIe slots or a different computer but its not looking good There is a tiny chance that LSIREC a linux app may, but unlikely It can write FW to a PCIe address with cards in fault state but I've found if lspci can't see card then not...
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    RAID10 Config Recommendations

    I take it not all 10 drives are in the RAID 10 array ? as 4 needed per set (2x2 in RAID1 then those RAID1's in RAID0) Not sure how the RAID controller handles RAID 10 would the drives be mirrored then striped this could possibly limited the speed of data going on/off array 8x drives would easy...