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    Monero CPU Mining in Docker

    I had a chance to reboot my server now and did check it again - now it did run w/o any problem - so solved But many thanks for that good work.
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    Monero CPU Mining in Docker

    docker run -it -e servethehome/monero_cpu_minergate with my username
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    Monero GPU mining in Docker with nvidia-docker

    Is there a possibility to limit the usage to lets say 80% of a GPU?
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    Monero CPU Mining in Docker

    I'm absolutly new to docker and mining I tried on one box your minergate docker image and it did work perfect - this is a i7 only But as I tried to run it on my E5-2686-v3 it failed. OS on both is Debian 8. Main error message I think is the last line f the log below: "./minerd: unsupported...