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    Dell SN260 7.68TB SSD $1140 OBO

    x8 PCIe and AIC so watch out. I'd still say this is cheap for the drive Looking at purchase history, there are many of them and they're taking best offers. I was inspired by...
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    5x HP EliteDesk 705 G3 8GB 256GB SSD Win10 Pro $726

    $125 per only in quantity but those are the slow A6's I didn't see any good 5 lots on the A10's but there's the A10's in 10 lots same 8GB 256GB for $160ea Lot of 10 HP EliteDesk...
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    HP 8GB Mini $100

    Even says free ship HP EliteDesk 705 G3 Mini AMD PRO A6-570E 3GHZ 8GB RAM 250GB HDD MXL7121GXJ | eBay Cheap!
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    WD Red Plus Launched with CMR

    I'm sure they're not happy with you @Patrick but what you're pointing out is spot on. If they made a new line to denote SMR instead of using Red classic that would help in the future. Using the same is screwing over people who don't know better.
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    Lenovo M93p Tiny "Hackintosh?"

    I didn't even know this was a thing. Apparently people have MacOSes installed on the M93p Tiny systems. $250 with a 256GB SSD, core i5, and 8GB 4GB ram but a 500GB hard drive...
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    Expensive but great 128GB LRDIMMs $585

    I know these are going to be a bit pricey, but there are 8x 128GB 2400MHz LRDIMMs for $6K and 2666MHz for $8K on ebay. These are under $600 ea so under $4700 for 1TB of RAM and the seller has a bunch. That's not too much of a premium for big capacity dimms...
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    [Homelab] Looking for advice on hardware for small Proxmox node.

    Proxmox is Debian. Debian and Ubuntu are supported on EPYC right? We're the freezing reports old?
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    HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus Review This is Super

    Just install to a USB drive. S100i I don't think works as RAID but it's just the Intel PCH so it'll work to install for SATA. I'd still just use a USB boot device.
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    HPE DL385 Gen10 Dual EPYC Server

    If you prefer the Supermicro version for EPYC 7001 Supermicro 2023US-TR4 2U Server AMD EPYC 7000 SoC 12×3.5SATA/SAS +NVMe Support | eBay I don't think they support V2 but that's got dual PSUs and LSI 3108 built-in. Also has NVMe. Maybe if you want less hassle. It's so much cheaper to buy...
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    HPE DL385 Gen10 Dual EPYC Server

    I saw this one today Sure the EPYC 7251 sucks, but you can probably buy that server, sell the CPUs, use new CPUs and get a server including some RAM for not a lot. 64GB is still a few hundred...
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    HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus Ultimate Customization Guide

    That's normal. Core i5, i7, i9 aren't supported on server chipsets. Only Core i3. It isn't just this HPE it's all server chipsets for many years.
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    HPE and Samsung 15.36TB SAS3 SSD $1295

    Well we are in 2020 and the price for flash is still around $100/TB on the used market.
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    HPE and Samsung 15.36TB SAS3 SSD $1295

    This isn't too bad at all really, HP / Samsung MZ-ILS15T0, 15.36TB SAS 12 Gbps 2.5" SSD Good Condition | eBay $1.3K is a lot, but it's also under $0.085/GB or $84/TB A 16TB IronWolf NAS drive is $500 so it's less than 3x the price of hard drive and you get SAS3 performance
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    Nvidia GPU passthrough not working with libvirt (KVM-QEMU)

    I don't know the answer since I've never done this on Ryzen but man that guide starting with BIOS issues on the newest version is cringe-y