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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    Hmmm... I was really hoping we would see a review of one of these boards on the site soon. ;)
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    New 10Gb version... ASRock Rack > X470D4U2-2T And a Threadripper monster... ASRock Rack > X399D8A-2T
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    Hopefully, this is only the beginning... ASRock Rack > X470D4U Let's hope it's not too expensive.
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    EU Supermicro-X10SDV-16C-TLN4F-16-Core-Xeon-D-1587

    Not sure if this is a deal or not, but thought I should post it anyways. Currently at €591 with 0 bids. Only shipping within Germany... Supermicro X10SDV-16C-TLN4F / 16 Core Xeon D-1587 / 10Gbe / Server Mainboard | eBay
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    AMD EPYC Embedded 3000 series motherboards?

    Anyone actually seen and real life products with these processors??
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    Proxmox 5.0 released.

    Proxmox 5.0 released and out of beta. Proxmox VE 5.0 released!
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    $99 10Gb NIC from Asus

    Haven't seen this posted on the site... Asus have released a $99 10gb NIC. XG-C100C | Networking | ASUS Global Does this finally mean the start of 10gbit for the masses?
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    BTFRS Opinions...

    I'm running two 2x2TB raid1 arrays and 10 single disks with BTRFS. On top of this I'm running Snapraid. I keep my "important" stuff on the two Raid1 arrays and "media" files on the ten single disks. These 12 2TB are then configured as data-stores in Snapraid with two parity drives in case...
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    EU Intel EMC Avamar ADS M1200; Gen4S; DRBGP;Xeon E5-2620 (x2) 32GB // 279 GBP + 35 GPB

    I think the expanders are gone. Can't find them... edit: Yeah, 5 left actually. Stupid me.
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    Proxmox VE 5.0 beta

    I think the latest kernel update from yesterday fixed the network limit rate issue.
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    High Capacity Storage Server for 10Gb Network

    Have you considered BTRFS or ZFS with the latest Proxmox 5.0 beta? I'm running a 10 disk BTRFS RAID10 setup at the moment from a SE3016 JBOD, and it's been running great lately. I'm also currently moving all my media-files over to a SnapRaid array. You can even include your BTRFS array in your...
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    Proxmox VE 5.0 beta

    Looks like they have released some updates today. Hopefully it should fix some of the early bugs (like auto startup and shutdown of VM's). Will try it out later. Remember you have to put in " stretch pvetest" in your repository. edit: Did the update and VM's are...
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    SMART error message

    I'm getting some SMART error messages from my system on some of the drives, but not all. Same for every error message expect the current device. "Device: /dev/sde [SAT], Read SMART Error Log Failed" Running Proxmox 5.0 beta with a LSI 9200-8e card with a Rackable SE3016 JBOD with 12 Hitachi...
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    Proxmox VE 5.0 beta

    Proxmox 5.0 beta is out and you can download it at Download ISO installer, service packs, and software documentation for Proxmox products