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    Dell 6TDVN SAS Expander

    @itronin I have the PCB at right around 9 cm X 19 cm give or take a few millimeters. I didn't need it any more precise than that. The SFF-8088 connectors extend another CM or so.
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    Dell 6TDVN SAS Expander

    I really appreciate the legwork as well, Tibrizzle. I went ahead and got one and re-pinned a molex splitter and did GND, GND, 12V, 5V and now have a working expander! I specifically sought this one out to replace my old HP expander in my franken-jbod as I have a ton of old SATA drives and the HP...
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    Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor 31S1P Special Price Promotion of $195*

    I am a long time lurker, but I'd love to go in for 1 if it's still a possibility