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    Europe - Where to source Ubiquiti UniFi-UAP-AC-LITE

    Some of the sellers in Denmark use Winther Wireless Distribution distributors You can look what product is on stock, im am wating for there Lite Switch, but not even that is home yet ;( EdgeSwitch 24GE ports 2 SFP+ Lite Non-POE I would go
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    Building infrastructure from zero.

    Redhat is behind FreeIPA See this video,
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    Building infrastructure from zero.

    Looks great :;) I can recomend Freeipa instead of OpenDJ
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    Hypervisor Choice

    Huh? What about Ovirt og XenServer then? they are also a management layer for KVM/Xen
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    Colocation Number 3 Build Out Pictures (Cab 2)

    what could you possibly need that for? o_O
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    Ubiquti's new AC access points

    From the announcement, it takes really long times before hitting the shell here in EU The nordic supplier don't even have the Lite Switche yet :( Loves UBNT, with the new AP there is new controller software :rolleyes:
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    Any interest in Ceph articles?

    Redhat / supermicro Ceph Article ownCloud
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    What to start with DC

    Migration to Citrx (2008) is ongoing :)
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    What to start with DC

    Not going to start anything the next 2 years, but great stories story. I thing i am just to concerned about hardware failure, but again we have bare metal servers running 2003 still, no problems there, sometimes the need reboot. but that not very often :) Redundant system is just double up of...
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    What to start with DC

    Same here Proxmox 4.0 is exciting news
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    What to start with DC

    Im am working at a hosting provider already, i have decent Windows Skills, and used Linux for years. Hardware and networking is no problem, and if i have any, this forums is the best :) Just wanted to hear how your guys started? :D
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    What to start with DC

    How did you start. Cant help myself go planning for my first setup, someday i will go start my own hosting. Did you start with one physical host, installing some hypervisor os on som local storage? Cant go figure out, do all nodes have to be redundant? 2 hypervisors 2 shared storage nodes...