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    UK Tesla K80 £199

    I spot them often for 110 to 150 usd shipped international. There is already a thread on this of a USA deal here. They come and go.
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    UK Tesla K80 £199

    M40 were available for half that. not sure why you would buy this one
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    3080 deep learning rig questions

    why are you bottlenecked by storage? if you are swapping to storage during training, arent you doing something wrong?
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    Possible to Remember Sort on forums?

    Every time I go to Great Deals/For Sale, my purpose is to see if there are any new deals or sales. So I have to change the sort from Last Message Descending to First Message Descending (4 clicks). This is stressing me out. Possible to remember last sort?
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    Nvidia Tesla M40 - 115$ with free shipping

    there are few or no good reason to buy a slow 12gb vs a 4 times faster 8gb. the 24gb model might be more useful and worth the slowness, but they are never cheap.
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    Nvidia Tesla M40 - 115$ with free shipping

    singles are 32 bit. halves are 16 bit, doubles are 64 bit you dont need these cards for deep learning. just get a consumer RTX card. even a RTX 2060 demolishes these. and if you want to spend more, a 3060Ti is all you need. Demolishing $8000 cards.
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    Nvidia Tesla M40 - 115$ with free shipping

    only for doubles. who uses doubles these days tho. k80 you have back to front. its much much slower on singles.
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    Nvidia Tesla M40 - 115$ with free shipping

    thanks for post. btw what legitimate purpose is hashcat?
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    Supermicro X10DRG-Q Motherboard Dual Socket R3 $200+shipping

    what are you doing with these bountiful pcie boards ? and why these over cheap x99 dual boards from china?
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    FS: Intel Xeon Server Cluster - 37 Servers Total - $7000 for all

    Its been a while. I hope you can find a buyer. have you considered selling them on ebay individually?
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    STH Forums a New Look and How to Switch to Dark Theme

    i complained about this on the previous design. The Deals and For Sale pages, its 100x more useful to sort by Start Date, not last post. I want to see the latest deal or sale. Why do I care what people are chatting about on irrelevant threads? Yet you have removed the sort option completely on...
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    FS: Ultimate Workstation-server 2x Xeon platinum 8176 ES 56 cores 112 thread and 4x D5-P442 -[US,MI]

    hard to price because of storage. recommend sell that separately.
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    E7-8880 v4 (2.2GHz, 22 core) ES $350obo+shipping/each

    they are cheap because noone can use them because E7 motherboards are as rare as hens teeth.
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    older HP gear I had to use old IE to get the Java to run. did you try IE?
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    isnt that motherboard a Xeon-W motherboard not E5 scalable motherboard? i guess thats what you meant by foolish?