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    Amazon warehouse deals pricing error? Buffalo terastation 5410 incl 16tb

    Yes, for Amazon I also get pricing history using (don't ask about the name, I have no idea). For this item the lowest "new" historical price seems to be USD 1370 but, like @CyberianSoldier said, the "used" price has been dropping steadily. I would guess it is the same seller...
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    New ZBook Studio G4 (Loaded)

    I was really scratching my head on wether to go for this but now I can relax again: "0 available / 164 sold" Oh well... Edit: Looking at the "sold" list, it seems word got out yesterday, around 6 AM, PST, I wonder where. After that the floodgates opened and at least two buyers grabbed 10 of...
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    New ZBook Studio G4 (Loaded)

    The june 2016 review at Techradar would indicate that the 64 Wh battery is the only option and that the battery is not (easily?) user serviceable:
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    New ZBook Studio G4 (Loaded)

    I am tempted by the older one as well but I would really need the EU (ISO) keyboard layout. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy a replacement keyboard and simply swap? I think this may be the correct part for me: HP Inc. Keyboard (Sweden and Finland), 841681-B71 - EET Europarts UK
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    SanDisk Fusion ioMemory SX350 3200 3.2 TB - BO $800

    Interesting... I'm guessing you haven't received your's yet, right? It would be nice to hear some actual buyer feedback at these prices. How to interpret "NEW PULL FROM SYSTEM"? System was new in box? It's never been pulled before? o_O Looking at the seller's negative and neutral feedback...
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    8 x 2.5" Hot Swap Drive Cage for Intel P4000 FUP8X25HSDKS 175$ obo

    Do these hot swap units conform to normal 5.25" bay specs? In other words, would it be possible to install this in the 5.25" bays of a consumer computer case? I've been looking for a 5.25" bay compatible 2.5" drive hot swap cage with the drives "standing up", which seems optimal if you can...
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    Dell R730XD Intel DC S3710 MLC 400GB SSD 2.5 6Gb/s SATA III Wrnty AUG 2020

    I made an offer of 125 USD a piece for four of them, seller answered that he was not going below 155, then accepted an offer for two at 155. Total (with shipping and tax) to Sweden was 412 USD. That kinda feels like a lot but they are my first enterprise drives (but me lurk you long time) so I'm...
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    EU Supermicro C2758 ITX Motherboard - £200

    Seller auto-accepted offer of 175 GBP which made for 193 GBP with shipping to Sweden, thanks for the tip! Yeah, good for Europe, as far as I can tell. Haha, just the other day I ordered an Intel J1900 box for Pfsense because these things were too expenseive, now I'm not sure what to do...