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    WTB - Dell R730 / R730XD 3.5 (LFF)

    Hi, I am interested in buying a used dell r730/730xd 3.5 (LFF) server, a functional server would save me from sourcing parts but pm me offers. These are a list of preferred parts not obligatory: 2643v4 / 2667v4 Standard heatsinks (Not low profile) H730 / H730P Dual 1100w PSU Pcie risers that...
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    [WTB] Supermicro X10DRi-T4+ Motherboard

    Thanks a lot for the inputs, however is there a place that you can ship to them and then they ship it to you in Canada? Also seeing these answers I am guessing no one is willing to part ways with their motherboards :( Thanks KuroNeko~
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    [WTB] Supermicro X10DRi-T4+ Motherboard

    Hi, long time lurker but new poster. Well i missed out a sale on the boards: X10DRi-T4+ - Dual 2011-3 with Quad 10GBase-T - $350 They were shipping within the us only. I live in Canada so i would like to know if there's someone here willing to sell that motherboard to me. Thanks Kuro Neko~