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    Norco & Adaptec 72405 - Mixing SAS & SATA

    Hi All, I need some new drives for my 24 bay Norco setup and it seems the SAS drive variants are cheaper. The backplanes apparently support SAS & SATA as does the Adaptec. I would initially be adding just 4 SAS drives so they would all be on one backplane card. Are there any compatibility or...
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    core i5 on supermicro X11SCA-F

    Yep, using an I3-8300S and ECC RAM with my X11SCA-F right now.
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    Intel Scalable single socket board with 12 dimms ?

    I'm pretty sure the AQC107 is fine for workstation use but is missing SRIO-v and some server features which are particularly important if you are doing a VM server. This board looks great for IO heavy workstation though, especially since some of the new V2 Scalables Silvers look almost...
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    This board looks good; IPMI, PCI Bifurcation, Fan Control and quite a nice layout. If it had been available when I purchased I might have picked it over C246.
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    core i5 on supermicro X11SCA-F

    For current gen LGA1151: I3 - ECC I5 - No ECC I7 - No ECC I9 - No ECC Xeon E - ECC I think there are a few unique Xeon E SKUs too, eg the 4 core with HT ones.
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    Supermicro OOB license now available within an hour online for $30

    What does this actually offer you over the standard IPMI implementation?
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    Sourcing a - X11SCH-LN4F

    They look to available here in the UK (Although I would e-mail to check). I got my X11SCA-F from Lambda long before general availability in the US. Assuming you are in the US they should not charge you the 20% VAT but obviously you will need to pay postage and any import fees. MBD-X11SCH-LN4F-O...
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    Why are all Threadripper boards so samey?

    Hooray for Asrock (Triple X16): ASRock X399 Phantom Gaming 6
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    Issue with E3-1245 v6 iGPU on X11SSM-F

    Does the X11SSM have the SG (Split Graphics) option? My X11SCA-F will do onboard GPU with display whilst IKVM is used for boot display and control with this option set so no reason QSV wouldn't work too.
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    Quad Xeon X9 Board

    That looks like a good deal if you can sort a case/PSU for it. The E5-4600 series is essentially the same as the E5-2600 series but supports 4 sockets. Eg. Quad E5-4650 will score about double that of dual E5-2650.
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    Xeon ES/QS Turbo Bins Database

    Here is my QHUZ. Running at 103Bclk it sits at 23 multiplier (2428cb) all day in multicore Cinebench but only manages 24.5 ish multiplier on single core. A -.0.05v voltage offset helps performance slightly.
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    Why are all Threadripper boards so samey?

    That's another thing I noticed none of the boards have PCI switching.
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    Why are all Threadripper boards so samey?

    Have been looking for a Threadripper board and it is getting irritating that every board uses the 16+8+16+8 layout. Why not a 3x16 layout, eg. X16+Space+Space+X16+Space+Space+X16, they could offer bifurcation on the bottom slot which would allow for heavy IO usage with dual triple slot graphics...
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    m.2 PCIe adapter in Supermicro x9 motherboards?

    Can you share which slot and IOU# setting you used?
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    Xeon ES/QS Turbo Bins Database

    I have this one. It as mid level stepping, one stepping before release. Has worked reliably for years and is a good chip but VT-C is unstable. Other oddity is I see 2.5Ghz turbo with 2 dimms but only 2.3Ghz with 4 in my ASRock X99, do you see the same behaviour?