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    X9SRH-7TF (S2011, LSI 2308, Dual 10GbE ~$500)

    That's been out for a while. I've had it at least a few months now. Couldn't tell you what is different thought since I only had the previous version for a couple of weeks on my new board. It works like a charm I can say for sure. Joe
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    LSI2308 on X9SRH-7F

    Just an FYI in case anyone is going to try this, it works perfectly. Joe
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    10GBe Card not exceeding 800Mbps

    But he is already getting 800 MB/s so for sure he is not at 1Gb. I was able to get around 850MB/s with my 10GbE but I was limited by hard drive I/O. Joe EDIT My bad misunderstanding. I thought he said he was getting 800 MB/s over the wire.
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    LSI2308 on X9SRH-7F

    LSI2308 on X9SRH-7TF Hoping someone has an answer to this. If I flash the on board 2308 with IT mode, could I then use a reverse breakout cable to connect the HBA to an external converter/adapter for use with an external SAS tape drive? I have an LSI9207 4i4e HBA but I'd like to use the...
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    Smallest mATX mini-tower for 6xHDD + 2xSSD?

    I just got done building a rig with the V354B. Not much air flow for the hard drives though. If you are going to use low RPM drives then it could work but with 7200 RPM drives the heat is too much. Thought about replacing the fans but they have filters and it just looked like a mess to do...
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    New Supermicro build help.

    New Supermicro build Howdy folks, New to your club here but a long time lurker and big time fellow geek. Need to upgrade my small Lian Li case due to heat build up issues. I was looking at the Supermicro (SM) SC747 chassis along with the X9SRH-7TF MB. It seems however that that chassis...