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    Tiny/Mini/Micro PC experiences

    I think it's regardless unless maybe you get the GPU option. At work they've all been 2 M.2s.
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    Tiny/Mini/Micro PC experiences

    If they're going to be at home, then no vPro is fine. A feature you might want from AMT and vPro is that they've got power on/ off remotely with vPro. If you don't want that (or set to power on and off with a home plug) then you're fine getting cheaper levels of machines. If i'm looking at like...
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    1u 115x water cooling guide

    This is cool.
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    Frankenstein Modded Mellanox Adapters What The

    This was a listing I saw on ebay: The "LIKE" dual port 10G is explained in the description: It seems like they're taking single port cards, soldering on the extra connectors...
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    10Gbit networking on Supermicro X10SDV-4C+-TLN4F

    How are you measuring 4G/s? x8 is more than enough for 10G
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    Intel Ice Lake Xeon or AMD Milan for Monero XMR Mining?

    Which is faster? Is Intel going to be the best because of 10nm?
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    Linux on a Lenovo ThinkCentre M920x Tiny

    I think @gb00s is on the right track. I tried this on a Dell with Ubuntu 20.04 lts and saw something similar. I can't remember what but it was a c-state bios setting. I think I've also seen linux errors on these with security settings. These systems sometimes have bios security settings assuming...
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    16GB Intel M10 Optane M.2 SSD $15.50 New?

    @zack$ have you tried it? It's just an NVMe drive that Intel's software picks up on compatible boards and pulls into caching right? Why would a NVMe drive not be bootable, on an Atom or Xeon server?
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    16GB Intel M10 Optane M.2 SSD $15.50 New?

    These come from China with free shipping so it will probably take forever. They're selling for only $15.50 ea but buying 2 gets you $14.73 ea. Oops forgot link Intel Optane Memory M10 Solid SSD M.2 2280 MEMPEK1W016GA PCIe 3.0 3D Xpoint NVMe 735858337847 | eBay I like bigger drives, but $1/GB...
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    STH YouTube Channel - Yes we have one

    It seems like you're posting a lot more on YouTube now @Patrick
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    1U server with space for 12 - 3.5" hard drives (+ 1- 2.5" hd) via eBay

    That's a super old system. No way I'd run that. These are 9-9.5 year old systems guys. At that age you've got to worry about the caps and other components failing. I mean a 5 year old system running for 2-3 more years is fine these days but 10 years ago servers weren't as good and this isn't...
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    How to download an ISO to a Proxmox zfs storage pool

    Many of the data stores you can create and just need to select that the storage can store ISOs in Proxmox. That's the normal way to do it @zogthegreat The video and guide are handy when you are first setting up a machine and do not have a data store, or if you have a very small node. Given the...
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    Falling from the Sky 2020 Self-Hosting Still Pays

    I love these articles. STH is way faster than anandtech and toms AT GTmetrix Performance Report STH GTmetrix Performance Report
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    Crazy 100GbE adapter for $100

    This is $109 but best offer accepted at $100. It's an absolutely crazy adapter. Dual 100GbE ports but it's a multi-host adapter so you can put the cable into another system...
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    Sabrent 2TB NVMe SSD $199 New

    I saw this on Amazon today. Sabrent Rocket Q 2TB $249 but there's a $50 coupon. 2TB M.2 SSD for $200 new. It's PCIe Gen3 not Gen4 but cheap is also good. Here's the STH review: Looks like QLC NAND so it isn't the...