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    Dual Xeon-D

    I agree. 50-100 may be okay for the brave, but 400 is way too high...
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    HP H240 (SAS3 HBA) 30 GBP from EU seller / 34 USD from US seller

    Offered 2 @ $25 ea, seller countered with 2 @ $30. I think that's an okay price so I went for it.
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    Gigabyte R180-F34 1U Server (2011-3) $94-109 + Shipping

    3DS/TSV is a new-ish type of high-capacity dimm, where instead of using buffers like an LRDIMM, they stack two or more memory dies in the same package. As long as the memory controller knows how to drive them (Xeon E5v3 and up, but only after the bios has been updated to support E5v4 so the...
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    WD blue 1TB SSD $13.99 on Ebay - (Scam)

    There are a few variants, but basically: Scammer buys item from company X. They then collect support, claim it was defective and get an RMA shipping label. They proceed to ship a box of rocks back. Likely selling the unit for full price. While the RMA box of rock is in transit, but before it...
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    ICX7150 for repair?

    I tried 2 @ 25, seller countered with 2 @ 50, so I walked away...
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    Xeon D-1541 Quanta storage servers on ebay

    Very likely that their idle numbers would be somewhere between 25%-50% of the figures in the pdf shared by @longbowch (page 25). These aren't miracle devices, they still use power, especially when fully configured. In the same deck, page 13, they claim an average power consumption delta of 40w...
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    Xeon D-1541 Quanta storage servers on ebay

    I'm pretty sure these will take a standard OCP SAS mezz card. Look for "LSI 3008 OCP" or some variation of that.
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    ICX7150 for repair?

    There's another option - the choice to go fan less was the issue, because Ruckus didn't realize people would stick these in small unventilated closets. The PSUs may have just been the weakest link in the chain when it comes to thermal design. Having said that, I wouldn't go much over $25/ea on...
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    Alternatives to Supermicro for PSU's and power distribution circuits?

    I've actually gone all in on older HP Common Slot PSUs and PDUs (I use the Gen7 platinum plus since they were the most economical and still get over 94% efficiency). Like a lot of designs, the PSUs are basically 12v only. The power backplane takes care of redundancy and converts the 12v coming...
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    NetApp 4486 for ~$280 shipped

    I'm afraid I'm not based in the US, and this specific listing is actually much cheaper than a DS4243/DS4246 after shipping for me... Also, this mod could (in theory) let one use one shelf for a combinatiom combination of sas and sata drives, which might be valuable for some?
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    NetApp 4486 for ~$280 shipped

    If I understood correctly, these are 100% sata-only, due to how the caddies connect two drives using a single sas connector to the backplane. I wonder if there's any chance one could mod the caddies to mount a single sas drive in the rear position while connecting it directly into the backplane...
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    SuperMicro X9DRD-7LN4F

    Some SMC boards support what's known as OOB (Out-of-band) bios firmware upgrade, which would require a license but would let you upgrade. Not 100% sure if supported or not. Having said that, a low end V1 cpu like the e5-2620 can be had for 5-10$ these days, so you've got an easy way out... BTW...
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    IBM DS3524 compatibility with SAS3 528k drives?

    Hi, I was lucky to get a new IBM DS3524 w/ dual controllers for next to nothing, and now want to fill it up with drives :-) It seems like in some cases, SAS3 drives can be had for the same cost as generic SAS2 drives, while opening up better future expansion and performance. The main caveat...
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    DEAD: HGST SSD1600MM - HUSMM1640ASS201 - 400GB US $47.95 OBO

    Stumbled across a listing for Sun branded drives that might be the same for $47.95 OBO, 30 available. I submitted an offer for 8 @ $37.5 each and it was accepted, which I think is a steal if they are indeed HUSMM 400 GB drives and aren't locked down somehow. Ebay link: SUN 7094132 400GB SSD SAS...
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    innodisk satadom power cable

    Same here - two months, no delivery. Now taking it up through PayPal... :-(