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    Relatively new Supermicro JBOD Power Board - CSE-PTJBOD-CB3

    I can confirm that I still get sensors on 1.33 with a sas2 backplane.
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    US - Wanted: Norco 4224 or 24bay chassis

    I might have one for local pickup if you’re near Utah.
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    Relatively new Supermicro JBOD Power Board - CSE-PTJBOD-CB3

    Apologies for the post necro! I never posted my install images from when I converted my JBOD from the CB2 to the CB3. Someone messaged me about my install and I wanted to share these in case someone finds them helpful. Hopefully these help folks out - pics are both before and after I swapped the...
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    HGST 1.6TB SN200 U.2 NVMe - $195

    1 left
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    Relatively new Supermicro JBOD Power Board - CSE-PTJBOD-CB3

    When I installed mine - I just mounted it using one of the existing standoffs where I had removed the cb2 board (so it wasn't screwed down through all of the holes). I found the pictures but I'm having a hard time uploading from my phone while I'm out and about - I can upload when I get back to...
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    Making SC846 quiet?

    My sc846 with the B3 jbod controller is inaudible under load. I have the entire front of the chassis filled with 5400 rpm drives with mostly 7200 rpm drives in the rear.
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    Ubiquiti Beta US-16-XG $299

    Still showing $299 for me
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    Ubiquiti Beta US-16-XG $299

    I'm in! Ordered 1
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    Netgear XS708 and XS712 switches

    Nice! I have a XS712T that I am very happy with - I would have probably picked up another one at these prices
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    Chelsio T420-BT (dual port 10Gbase-T NIC)

    thinking about grabbing a few of these. I have intel x540-t2's deployed and I am kicking myself for their lack of RDMA support
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    Newegg via eBay: *Refurbished* Intel SSD DC S3700 Series 2.5" 800GB $200 Shipped

    Wanted to pick a few more of these up but it still won't let me purchase via ebay... thought it would let me order after 3-5 days as another poster mentioned (which I am well past). Just got ebay 8% back offer today too :(
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    FS: Unifi 48V POE Injector

    I have a few of these deployed and they have worked flawlessly for me. I don't use Unifi switches, but the unifi software works quite well and keeps the APs automatically updated etc. With that said, I like the power of my edgemax lite 48 port of the unifi equivalent, despite the single...
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    Looking for SFF-8087 Cables

    I've only bought other cable types from them, but cable matters, which @Boddy mentioned, have always been quality for me. I ordered some cat5 and coax from monoprice recently that didn't disappoint. All anecdotal given that you're asking about 8087 cables though
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    Samsung 32GB DDR4-2133P LRDIMM

    Damn - looks like they were all gobbled up. Just put an offer in on the one remaining. Nice find @raileon. I have 10 of these deployed and working quite well