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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    use the script to list out the factory p-states. CPUs: 1 CPUID: 00A20F10 Package Type: 2 P0 - Enabled - FID = 94 - DID = 8 - VID = 48 - Ratio = 37.00 - vCore = 1.10000 P1 - Enabled - FID = 8C - DID = A - VID = 58 - Ratio = 28.00 - vCore = 1.00000 P2 - Enabled - FID = 84 - DID = C -...
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    higher number == lower voltage. it's hex values. It would be good to work out the decimal values in terms of actual voltage before applying them.
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    [US-NC] AMD Threadripper 3970X, MSI TRX40 Pro WiFi

    Got the board + cpu + ram combo AMD Threadripper 3970X (used, ~7 month old) MSI TRX40 Pro WiFi - (used, flashed with bios to work in headless mode) Teamgroup Dark Pro 3466 8GB x 4 sticks (used, Samsung b-die, single rank) price for the combo: $2700 Also have the following, New/sealed Samsung...
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    H12SSL-CT Another Supermicro No Post. Code 22

    @ForceX did you try booting outside the chassis? Check if the UID button is not pressed up against the chassis.
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    Supermicro H11SSL-i Memory Question.

    you'd want to check the memory QVL for the board. This is not a mandatory list of modules that would work but just a reference. otherwise it's just an experiment. I've used hynix 8gb 2133 sticks with asrock epycd8 and romed8 boards
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    POST Issue with Asrock ROMED8-2T

    I don’t think you’d need a chip to flash bios. You can login to BMC and flash the bios as long as you can get into BMC.
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    POST Issue with Asrock ROMED8-2T

    Did it boot with Rome CPU ?
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    Overclock your AMD Epyc

    Aah. Thanks. Then that makes sense. By any chance you're aware why we can't unlock it for Naples?
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    Overclock your AMD Epyc

    anyone unlocked AMD CBS on asrock epycd8-2t board? It seems this option was available with an engineering sample 7742 processor chip but not with retail 7551p chip.
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    Yup. Actuals were a lot lower. 3.1 Ghz or so. the EDC bug killing the chip doesn't impact 100-000000053-04 or is it no longer relevant? 1000w on dual socket board? Typically, on these high power CPU boards we got a chunky VRM heatsink. I wasn't able to see anything like that on epycd8-2t board.
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    Anyone knows what VRMs are used on Asrock epycd8-2t motherboard? I was able to use the Rome OC software on an AMD EPYC 7742 QS and applying 4 GHz max core frequency yield ~23.8K pts on CB20 but the power consumption at wall was around 400W considering a gpu (20w) and chipset power/psu efficiency...
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    Mellanox connectx-3 rmda on ubuntu 20.04

    So I was trying to experiment with RDMA using the connectx-3 card and figured out they removed support for RDMA from MLNX_OFED drivers. Anyone was successful in using it?
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    Need help to setup Connectx-3 on ubuntu

    I'm yet to test bonding configs. I did test with mtu 9000 and txqueuelen to 10k and 20k. I am able to saturate bandwidth on iperf test results. Turns out that I'd be limited to x4 slot since the x570 board has just 2 slots and 16x slot is going to be used for 4 x nvme storage. p.s. Don't think...