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    Looking for old JunOS releases MD5

    really appreciated
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    Looking for old JunOS releases MD5

    Hi All, I got MX240 with old RE that is EOL My router is still on JunOS 11 I managed to get all the jinstall packages up to 16.1 (last one for my RE is 16.2 but couldnt get it ) my problem is that I dont know the official md5 for those packages so i dont want to install any without verifying...
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    100GbE Inventec D7032Q28 $900 OBO

    I wish the prices of QSFP28 cables and transceivers are better Does anyone know if they will run in 40gbps speed or it has to be 100gbps from the specs they didnt mention that the port speed can be downgraded
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    Canada [ebay] LQD3000 AIC with 6.4TB SSD (4x1.6TB) 599 CAD

    I got the last one Finally good deal in Canada :)
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    HP DL325, Epyc 24 core 7402p, 64GB, SAS $1611

    I only see this kit as an option that mention NVMe PROVANTAGE: HPE P04979-B21 DL325 GEN10 2SFF NVMe Enablement Kit seems not expensive but i feel that alone is not enough
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    HP DL325, Epyc 24 core 7402p, 64GB, SAS $1611

    Does anyone know if the 2 NVMe ports in this are enabled by default I have just created ship forwarding service from US to Canada for first time for this deal (PROVANTAGE does not ship to Canada ! ) still trying to convince myself not to click pay :)
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    Supermicro X10SRL-F $205 OBO - $120 OBO accepted in qty

    This is single CPU board just saying since you mentioned 2x E5-2620V3
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    Good price on Supermicro 74-bay storage system (5 available)

    does anyone understand how they are connected from inside how many SAS connections we can get from the front Backpalne to the HBA , same for midplane and the one on rear ? what is the Midplane and why it is SAS3 ? I dont understand how 2x LSI 9200 ( AOC-S2308L-L8e) HBA cards are enough for this...
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    60 port 10G SFP+ switch 250 USD

    this is cheap ordered Monday 2x ARISTA DCS 7050s-64 for 425$ each still didnt get them, but i got more ports and 40gbps ports with same sized in the rack If someone does not care about having 40gbps qsfp ports this switch is way cheaper (I am still tempted to get one just because of the price :) )
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    anyone have Brocade CER 2024C latest firmware

    finally managed to get version 6.1 which is not the latest but not bad
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    6x 10gbe 1u supermicro sever but...

    so they boot but you cant change bios settings ? and does ipmi work as dhcp or as known static url ?
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    anyone have Brocade CER 2024C latest firmware

    no luck so far , It was my mistake i had access up to the moment brocade was acquired wish i had downloaded them
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    anyone have Brocade CER 2024C latest firmware

    Hi All, I need newer firmware to for CER 2024C tried to contact extreme networks and they refused to offer it to me although i have an expired contract with them from the past (with the device serial in their portal) I dont want to buy new contract just to get to download newer firmware (the...
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    WTS: HP ProLiant SE316M1 Server 2x 2.13GHz QC L5630 48GB 1U 2PSU

    Hi All, I am upgrading my servers and I have some of my older servers for sale I have 9x HP ProLiant SE316M1 servers those are 1U servers with 2 PSU each the specs of the servers are CPU : 2x 2.13GHz QC L5630 RAM : 48GB DD3 power : 2x Power supplies RAID : HP P400 card included Disk : no disks...
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    HGST 10TB He10 and Intel 200GB S3700

    For enterprise situation warranty is not that important , the main issue is reliability . You will have really big trouble if several disks failed together and you lost some data. even single disk failure is a pain if you need to resilver or rebuild the array , specially with such large disks...