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    Intel server SR2625 with Intel MB S5520UR no HDDs

    The parts manual description implies that the RAID key and DIMM are optional; to enable hardware RAID. I think you need to make sure that the BIOS mass storage is set for IT/IR mode, then use LSI 2208 software to configure, but I'm not sure...
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    Avamar Gen4s m1200 / Bios Help / Fan Noise

    I don't know of specific "quiet" profile, but it is a standard Intel s2600GZ/GL motherboard; I have one myself, but it lives in basement. There is a reduced noise profile, not sure how much...
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    PoE Camera - ESD Protection

    Presuming you are just doing gigabit between the POE switch and the "rest of network", use a couple of SFP-RJ45 converters and put some fiber in between the camera setup and the rest of network There are similar...
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    EMC KTN-STL3 15 bay chassis

    I would think that SG_SES could set the enclosure ID, but have never tried. The command is likely painful....
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    HGST Ultrastar He10 - 10TB @ $129.95

    My last order from newegg was knock off jabra earbuds. Seller quickly refunded when I complained, but how many people don't complain?
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    Disc performace problem on netapp ds2246

    1: I believe you can use LSI Storage Administrator to check link speed, or storcli can probably pull it as well. I can't remember if those work with that controller specifically 2: Does it matter which slot of the DS the drives are in? Internally there are 4 connectors, each running 6...
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    Disc performace problem on netapp ds2246

    Check the SATA link speed to the relevant disks? Any chance they are linking at SATA-1 speeds?
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    General Home Server suggestions - Plex, HomeAssistant, Email with room to grow

    I just pasted the link, it must be magic! I personally run dual 2650 v2, I found them to be a good balance between cost and performance, but for an extra $50 it is probably worthwhile to double your cpu power; you won't be able to get a pair of 2697v2 for $50 anytime soon.
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    2016 vs. 2019 Hyper-V

    And no in-place upgrade path for H-V 2016->HV 2019.
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    General Home Server suggestions - Plex, HomeAssistant, Email with room to grow

    Intel S2600GZ/GL is also a good series that does E5 V1/V2, readily available updates Here is a 1 U version, looks like it has the CX-3 dual 40/56gb card as well I ran one of these with an external HBA to a storage shelf...
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    ESXi all-NVMe storage array requirements

    100% sure that h-v 2016 will do storage spaces on a single host.
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    Creative solutions for an opaque VPN endpoint

    Totally fair, and it is an interesting problem. I think that any device except an unmanaged switch will have a MAC address that could be detected, yes?
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    Creative solutions for an opaque VPN endpoint

    Thinking out loud: 1: I would think that plugging downstream port of device into a VLAN tagged port, directing that VLAN to AP ports, and telling APs that VLANx=SSID Y is pretty simple. This VLAN would not need any routing or access to PFsense, it should only need to exist on the switch and...
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    Recommended self-hosted VPN software for smallest latency penalty

    I really like softether, I get about 30ms ping time to a pi located about 5 miles that is connected back to my network.
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    you want the sandwich mount It has a vesa mount on both sides, and the tiny will slide in and can be screwed in to secure it. Really convenient except harder to get at the usb ports.