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    Dual v2 Server Build Questions/Advice sought

    my box is an intel 1u r1208 with a s2600gl, I'd probably rank SM slightly over Asus, but it seems like personal choice... You could also do a single 2696v2 depending on pci layout. I run 10gbe to my main switch, but for home use with a single server there is really no need.
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    1Gb Switches with 10Gb Uplinks?

    If you don't need to buy new, I"d look at the brocade 6450 or 6610s as extensively discussed. Readily available for <$200 for 48port with POE, and gives you the ability to do VLANS for network isolation, plus you could combine the three backbone lines you have into one link. (hmm, australia...
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    Dual v2 Server Build Questions/Advice sought

    I run dual 2650 v2, no video card, and my box has no issues running ~4 streams plus doing other things. I do not think you will need a video card for typical use. The 2650v2 is ~3x the 3440, the 2696 ~4x the 3440, and each thread on either e5 is 1.5x the 3440. I found ~6 months ago that the...
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    Adding JBOD, will this work?

    You can also skip the supermicro jbod board and jumper the power supply to be always on, but then you need to have a fan controller in the chassis.
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    Looking for a cheap & quiet PoE+4x10GbE switch

    That is actually from the UPS, not a meter.
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    Looking for a cheap & quiet PoE+4x10GbE switch

    Right now my s2500-24p, USG3p, and cable modem combined is pulling down 65w, including about 6w of PoE devices.
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    Looking for recommendations for a home WiFi Router.

    My parents have an amplifi HD setup with two satellites in a ~3500 sq ft brick/plaster/old construction house. Has been rebooted 2-3 times in 2+ years, when I do firmware updates. Don't hear any complaints from them. They also have gigabit fiber, but not convinced they use it.
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    Looking for a cheap & quiet PoE+4x10GbE switch

    The only negative is that the s2500/s3500 don't do IPV6. I've decided to ignore this and run until the icx6450 is <$100.
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    Looking for a cheap & quiet PoE+4x10GbE switch

    Isn't the biggest challenge here the POE side? That is a bunch of power to cool. Any chance of doing a small 10g switch and having the POE box be remote in closet/attic/basement/wherever that noise isn't as big a problem? I've got a an aruba s2500-24p, which isn't terrible, but is next to a...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I saw, thought about it....Just don't need the extra power draw of the 6610. Why can't i get a deal like that on a 6450-24p?
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    [WTB] Looking for QUANTA QCT S210-X22RQ 2U 24XSFF or 24-bay 2.5 drive servers

    Whoops, my bad on that one. Mis-read the model numbers... Core4/rhino does have 160 of these: But if serverking won't deal with them, c'est la vie...
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    [WTB] Looking for QUANTA QCT S210-X22RQ 2U 24XSFF or 24-bay 2.5 drive servers

    paging @core4solutions >10 available...
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    FS: US-GA : Ubiquiti equipment for sale

    same question regarding the nanoHD units.
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    Small and cheap laptop recommendations

    I''ve been using a Thinkpad 11e for about 5 years now, ~200 when I got it. Only 11 ", but win pro/8gb/ ssd. I would like a better screen on it. Battery is starting to die now, so considering upgrade/replacement. Like the size for travel with my work laptop. Has ethernet as well, and built...
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    Storage Space - lost virtual disk

    That is seriously genius. One note is that storage spaces has different versions, so be sure to not accidentally upgrade the storage space to a newer version than the original host. I know 2012 and 2016 are different versions, and I'd expect that 2019 is as well. I don't know if w10 supports...