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    Supermicro Chassis or Power Supply to GPUs

    Looks like I missed this one, I did use the PSU + board to power an Octominer setup. But the octominer boards only require 2x 6 PIN PCIe power cables to run so it was perfect, nothing else needed.
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    VMworld 2019

    @Patrick or anybody else at VMworld this year? Any interest in another STH Meetup?
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    Who still mining?

    BEAM on nvidia ETH on AMD still
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    Preferred Enterprise Backup Software Solution?

    Veeam for virtual and physical backups, targets are Dell Powervault NX3230/3240
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    Back end storage for ESXi Datastores and RDMs?

    I'd vote Dell SC, either all flash or mixed.
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    Render Token - Who's interested?

    What setup questions do you have? From what I've been reading, Patrick's "DeepLearning" systems would be the ideal RNDR builds, but lesser systems including riser/1x PCIe should still be able to do work.
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    It's quiet in here...but I'm still chugging along

    I'm over on ETH right now with a mix of Nvidia cards, but also keeping a close eye on the coins forking to the new equihash algos.
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    Render Token - Who's interested?

    I was in the original ICO with genesis tokens or whatever is required to be in the earliest beta. Still no word on progress other than internal testing is going great.
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    Asus ASMB6 iKVM woes on a Z9PE-D8 WS

    I have an ASUS Z9PE-D16 with the iKVM and its garbage. Doesn't work most of the time, I don't even plug it in anymore.
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    Dell VRTX questions

    * Starred my feedback, we have about 20 VRTX systems that are managed. - Is there any benefit to having 2x (vs 1x) CMC cards other than redundancy? no - If I'm asking an ebay seller about CMC licensing, what questions should I be asking? Is CMC licensing different from iDRAC licensing...
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    It's quiet in here...but I'm still chugging along

    Still chugging along on 16 various Nvidia GPUs. It just seems the 'craze' phase is over.
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    Supermicro Chassis or Power Supply to GPUs

    FYI ParallelMiner emailed me that they are now selling Supermicro breakout boards. X20 Breakout Board ASIC GPU mining 10 Port Chain Sync for Server PSU Will be ordering a couple this week.
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    Supermicro Chassis or Power Supply to GPUs

    I asked a supplier if the Supermicro PSUs were compatible with the widely available HP breakout boards and they said they were not. Unless you were saying to just buy an HP PSU and breakout board, which yeah if I can't get it going with the Supermicro's I will probably go that route.
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    Supermicro Chassis or Power Supply to GPUs

    Wow, serious thanks for taking the time to write that up. My intended use is in a new 8 GPU box i ordered that will require 10 PCIe 6 or 8 pins. 2x 6 pins to power the motherboard 8x 6 or 8 pins to power the 8 GPUs, depending on if I put in GTX 1060's or GTX 1070ti's I'm thinking the 2...