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    6TB Seagate Exos SAS - $46

    Fwiw, all 4 of mine passed badblocks and a long SMART test without errors. Purchased from Vibrant.
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    E5-2696 v4 (22 cores) under $200

    I believe the 2696 is a Dell OEM version of the 2699 with slightly higher single core turbo. Supposedly good compatibility with anything that supports the 2699, but yeah take it with a grain of salt and do research prior to purchase.
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    6TB Seagate Exos SAS - $46

    Received my drives from Vibrant this morning. They were nicely packaged. All of mine are dated May 2018 with just above 12000 POH. Running badblocks now.
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    6TB Seagate Exos SAS - $46

    I hear ya! HGST fanboy myself ;-) Can't beat their reliability and helium efficiency. Stocked up on the recent 8 and 10 TB deals, but you know how it goes: Can't pass up a great deal.
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    6TB Seagate Exos SAS - $46

    I think this makes sense for newer drives, but in the same product series, smaller drives are typically more efficient than larger ones. Also, these Seagate drives are from 2018, so not crazy old. The 4TB HGST drive you mentioned as an example is from circa 2013. If you factor density into your...
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    6TB Seagate Exos SAS - $46

    I've always had positive experiences buying from ESISO, but yeah they have been relatively stingy for me when it comes to offers.
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    6TB Seagate Exos SAS - $46

    ESISO has 6TB Seagate Exos (ST6000NM0095) SAS drives available for $46. Taking offers. Also available from Vibrant for $47 listed. Taking offers. Vibrant accepted my offer of $42 ea for 4 drives.
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    SM CSE 826 sweet deal

    Ah, I can answer this again with anecdotal evidence only: When I upgraded this system with an EPYC-based motherboard and a 3008 based HBA, all my drives came right back up with all the data present. To be honest, I hadn't even thought about that being a potential problem until you mentioned it...
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    SM CSE 826 sweet deal

    I would take that with a grain of salt. They sell validated hardware and technically don't trust anything but that hardware. I would take my comment with a grain of salt, too. Just because it worked well for me doesn't mean it will work well in all other cases. Simply reporting that in my case...
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    Micron 9200 MAX 1.6TB $125 each

    Too bad the seller doesn't take offers. It's a good price, though. I bought these prior to the Chia craze for $140 a piece. Been serving me very well! And yes they do run hot! I put them in the 2.5" rear drive bay of a supermicro 3U case, and got thermal shutdown until I adjust fan speeds to...
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    EU Huawei RH2288H V3 (ddr4/v4) full fronts 187€

    This came up in another thread recently. There isn't a big difference in performance between v3 and v4 in most workloads, but it depends on what your workload is. Among the differences are posted interrupts, which can measurably speed up IO bound virtualization workloads. Here is an old...
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    Intel E5-2640V4 matched pair - $110 shipped @ eBay

    X10 ... or x99-ws/ipmi, x99-e ws, z440 motherboard with PSU adapter
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    Intel Cable Management Arm AXX3U5UCMA $7.72

    Nice! Goes nicely with the P4000 case listed in this deal thread: Although, the real challenge will be finding the required AXX3U5UPRAIL rails to go with the arm and...
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    Intel server case with 8 hot swap 3.5" bays for $200 with free US shipping

    Yes, I ordered these: Intel AXXELVRAIL Enhanced Value RAIL Kit Set NEW BULK PACKAGING 735858244367 | eBay $25 offer accepted, but there was also a $15 shipping charge for me. They were new in box. PS: There are two rail kit options. A sliding rail kit with full extension, and the one above with...
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    AVOID - 4U, 2x Node, 4x E5 V3/V4, 56x LFF SAS3 3.5" bay - $299 - CISCO UCS C3260

    If photos are accurate, it has the M4RAID controller.