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    2x E5-2680v2 CPU's - 8x16GB Kingston DDR3 1600MHz Ram - Dell C8220 Dual Socket Motherboard

    Selling off some parts I'm not using. Qty 2 - E5-2680v2 -$350 shipped for both Qty 8 - 16GB Kingston DDR3 1600MHz Ram - $200 shipped for all Qty 2 - Dell C8220 Motherboard. Dual LGA2011 socket. TDN55 part number - $50 shipped each Qty 2 - Asetek 510LC with LGA2011 Hardware - $40 shipped each...
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    X9DRE-TF+ No Video Output or IMPI

    @RageBone - I tested out Wireshark and did indeed find the IP for the BMC. I can ping it, and it does reply, but when I go to that address in my web browser, it says "refused to connect." I also found out that the internal speaker jumper is indeed set to the internal speaker.
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    X9DRE-TF+ No Video Output or IMPI

    I have tried to clear the CMOS with shorting the solder pads. PCIe wise, CPU1 doesnt have a full x16 slot. Those are both on CPU2 which is why I tried it that way. I will look for the speaker jumper. I have never played with Wireshark, but I will give it a shot. The way I was trying before...
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    X9DRE-TF+ No Video Output or IMPI

    Recently bought a X9DRE-TF+. Installed an ES CPU (E5-2650). Installed one 4GB stick of ram. Board is setup on a sheet of bubble wrap outside of a case. ATX power supply powering the ATX 24 pin connector and the first 8 pin connector. Left the second 8 pin disconnected as the sticker on it says...
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    eBay - 10% Electronics, 15% other categories on Sunday 12/16

    Looks like PRESENTSGALORE doesn't work? Kinda bummed. I bought some stuff yesterday and tried the PICKUPSALE code and it gave me 10% off, but I waited until today to see if the PRESENTSGALORE would give me 15% off. The crazy thing is, if I Google PRESENTSGALORE, forums all over are talking about...
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    HP H220 HBA $30 OBO or $15ea x 4 OBO

    Thanks. I went ahead and picked up 4 of them.
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    WTB: Supermicro Backplane BPN-SAS-216A or BPN-SAS3-216A

    PigLover got me squared away. Thanks everyone.
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    WTB: Supermicro Backplane BPN-SAS-216A or BPN-SAS3-216A

    I have a SAS2-EL1 now. Hoping to find a SAS3-216A, as I plan to use the case with SSD's. I appreciate the offer though.
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    WTB: Supermicro Backplane BPN-SAS-216A or BPN-SAS3-216A

    Recently bought a Supermicro 216 case, and didn't realize the EL1 backplane in it had such limited throughput. Looking for the 216A backplane. Hoping someone might have one used they are looking to sell. Thanks.
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    WTB - Supermicro MCP-240-82506-0N Rear Window

    Got my rear window from @muhfugen today. Very happy. Highly recommend them as a seller.
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    I bought the HUSMM8040ASS204 drives from the same seller. Here is the smart output from the first 2 drives I bought. I have 3 more coming. Keep in mind these are not the same drives that the OP link is referring to. But from the same seller.