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    EU [DE] Fujitsu Futro S920 -> ~30€!!!

    Here you go: Fujitsu Futro S740 ThinClient Intel J4105 1.50GHz 8GB 16GB SSD Incl. Fuss & Netz | eBay I read the have accepted 50€ offers. I hope shipping doesn't ruin the deal for you. And for everyone else, there is also a lively discussion about it here: [refurbished] Fujitsu Futro S740 -...
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    EU [DE] Fujitsu Futro S920 -> ~30€!!!

    In case you guys missed it about two weeks ago the seller piospartslap on listed the Fujitsu Futro S740 (J4105, 8GB RAM, 16 GB SSD) for 62€. Offers of 50€ were accepted and a Promocode "PROMORESTORE22" could be applied for a total of 45,90€. They still have listings, give it a try maybe...
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    EMC Isilion NL410 HDD support

    Hi, does anyone know if The NL410 supports non EMC branded HDDs? How about changing controllers/MBs? And can anyone tell me how loud they are? I'm currently looking at these and they seem to be a pretty great deal for a 36x 3.5" solution with caddies. Any thoughts?
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    Fujitsu Thin Client FUTRO S740 Inofficial max RAM

    Hi everyone, I'm currently looking at a bunch of cheap S740 for a little, cheap, lower-powered cluster fun. The official specs claim 8GB RAM max (as does the intel ark page for the J4105 this machine is based on). I now that the Asrock J4105-itx has been tested with up to 32GB of RAM. Does...
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    EU [FS] Dell T640 0H8GYJ Systemboard | Gold 6330 QWAQ, 8176 QL1F

    Hi, this might be a bit of a noob question, but are there any boards that take 6330 or 8176 that are not 500€+?
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    IBM EXP3512 or EMC KTN-STL3

    Hi, I hope you guys can help me out. I'm just starting my homelab journey and am looking to build a "small" storage solution. I have come across some cheap IBM EXP3512s and EMC KTN-STL3s. I would like to use them as a DAS directly connected to my R520. Can anyone tell me if these support 8TB...
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    1U 12 x 3.5" server barebone with 10GbE - $95 shipped

    That's unfair, why can't I find deals like that in Germany :( Lucky bastards you!
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    UK -- Intel Xeon Silver 4112 -- 142£ + Shipping

    Even with a used mobo @ ~200€ I feel like this ain't really that competitive. Didn't xeon silver already have trouble competing at launch with Epyc in 2017. Didn't the initial review mention it not being a big upgrade over the e5 v4s? I suspect it's even worse now with the new line-ups and...
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    Converting old server gear

    Hey, I still have a few very old servers lying around and I'm wondering if throwing in some new MBs, backplanes, PSUs could work with some handy dandy dremel engineering. The idea is to make a new storage server on the cheap. I have the following that I could use basically as a barebones...
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    Converting an HP DL380e Gen8 14xLFF Server to a Disk Shelf

    Thanks for the reply. I was actually mostly thinking about getting two of these to work off of one 2 port SAS controller, that's why I asked. I'll try to dig a little deeper. Maybe I can come up with a very jank setup haha.
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    Converting an HP DL380e Gen8 14xLFF Server to a Disk Shelf

    Sorry for digging up this thread again. I was just wondering if the 2 port variant of the backplane requires both to be connected? Or is this just for multipath or failover?
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    EU Rackable NM46X 12-LFF chassis 60€ BO

    You are right, sorry I must have overlooked that. I thought it was PCIE. I'mma think about something else.
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    EU Rackable NM46X 12-LFF chassis 60€ BO

    Hi, what kind of HBA would be a good cheap option for this box? I was also thinking of getting a Gigabyte GA-C1037UN with an Celeron 1037U and some cheapo DDr3 for it. Does that sound good?
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    Cheap chinese x79 mobos

    Are there any good alternatives in regards to cheap boards that take DDR3 with these special e5 v3 cpus?
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    Are there any cheap, used, non-blowimatron, 2U, LGA1150 rackmount servers?

    Hi, I have a xeon 1230 v3 and 16GB ram lying around that I would like to put to good use in advancing my datahoarding issues, but I'm not sure how. Maybe you guys have some suggestions? I wanna go with a Netapp DS4243 or DS4246 for storage and need a server for it - hopefully one that fits the...