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    FS: Netgear XS708E 10Gb 8 Port switch (x2)

    Second switch has now been sold. Mod please feel free to close this thread. Thanks guys
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    FS: Netgear XS708E 10Gb 8 Port switch (x2)

    First switch has sold 1 switch is remaining.
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    FS: Netgear XS708E 10Gb 8 Port switch (x2)

    Rand_ is correct Netgear does not allow warranty transfers on any of their products so i have updated the post.
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    FS: Netgear XS708E 10Gb 8 Port switch (x2)

    Sorry the shipping + possible import fees & duties might not be worth it since i am selling these switches for such a low price.
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    FS: Netgear XS708E 10Gb 8 Port switch (x2)

    I have recently upgraded my home lab networking equipment so i have a few switches that i no longer need. I wanted to give the STH community first dibs before i posted them on ebay. These switches are priced to move and would be the great starting of a homelab (hence the reason i orignally...
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    Memory for E3 series

    The recommended memory for E3 Xeons is DDR3 ECC UDIMM's. This doesn't mean that non ECC memory wont work as there are some consumer boards (meant for Core i series) that also happen to work with Xeon's (normally unofficially). Your best bet is the see if the vendor of the motherboard has a...
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    LSI SAS 9265-8i 6Gb/s 1GB cache RAID 170$ !?!

    I have this exact card (I paid much more for it a few years ago) and you can set WRITE THROUGH without a BBU no problem. In fact this is currently how my RAID Array is set (though protected by a UPS).
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    FS: ASRock C2550D4I + 8GB Crucial PC3-12800 Unbuffered ECC Memory

    I am selling a lightly used (less than 6 months) Asrock C2550D4I motherboard + 8GB of Crucial PC3-12800 UDIMM ECC Memory. The 8core version of this same board has been reviewed on STH here: This was...
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    My new Home Server Build [Build Log with Photos]

    Nice build u defitnatly are running a few things on it. What was the reason for 2012 data center vs standard or enterprise?
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    WHS, Low power AM1 build.

    I have done some initial testing on supported 10G NICs with Nanoboot and physical box with usb boot drive. 1. Intel X540-T2 = Supported (I assumed this would work as the actual synology line lets you purchase these specific nics for add in) 2. Mellanox Connect X2 - Not currently supported...
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    WHS, Low power AM1 build.

    In case anyone wants or needs a guide I used the one below and got up and running pretty smoothly. Many thanks to HellDiverUK for his build and this thread. XPEnology NAS • View topic - DSM 5.0-4493 Update 2 Bare Metal Install Guide
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    WHS, Low power AM1 build.

    Very nice build I currently have a Synology DS1812+ and its great but I would like to move to 10GBe. I currently use mine to backup a few VM's including a large home fileserver (10TB). After seeing your post I am interested in building a test box to see if: 1. will nanoboot work with Intel...
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    Booting ESX from RAID, how to manage RAID

    Hey prt727 I have been running esx for a bit (at work and home) so ill try to help you out as best I can. That really depends on your requirements & budget there is no 1 answer fits all. Some examples I can give are 1 Host for All (ESXI OS boots from thumb drive | ESXI VM's use Internal...
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    Question: How to shutdown multiple ESXI Hosts with 1 UPS???

    33_viper_33 that's awesome I'll look into that as well. I also much rather an efficient ups n I can see the value in that. Is the APC software that's required for shutting down VMware hosts free? I wasn't sure about eBay for ups purchases just due to shipping costs since batteries weigh a lot...