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    X10SRA + E5-1650v3 + ECC UDIMMs - POST code 67

    Right - months later, thanks to (*gesturing*) everything, SM just emailed through a photo showing a bent pin. $50 for the repair, I'll take that.
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    LGA 3647 Processor Installation – Intel Advice

    Yeah I'm not seeing the problem here. Worried they're using a power driver? Worried about torque limits?
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    eBay - Intel Xeon E5-2680V4 - $168

    Not that much difference I think. But in this case it's 14 cores over my current 6 (1650V3). Since I tend to run a stack of VMs, it could be worth it.
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    Lets Encrypt Web Application Proxy

    It should all work the same way. WAP hasn't really changed that much from 2012 R2 to 2019. You don't need ARR, though, because WAP will publish HTTP as well. Here's a pretty standard pair of rules for an instance of GitLab (running on a Linux VM behind ADFS and WAP): External DNS resolves...
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    Hyper-V w/Failover cluster

    Where's your quorum? Sounds like there's only 2 votes in the cluster so there's no way for the remaining node to figure out whether the failed node is failed, or just off the network. Build an Azure witness or a file share witness (on a separate physical machine). You can't do the kind of...
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    SC846 rails stuck

    I had this happen and the root cause was that the ball bearing slide was catching on the static rail (the one on the server itself). I had someone hold the ball bearing rail forward as I slowly slid the server in, and once it was past the catch point, it slid in correctly. Not before I bent one...
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    WD Red Plus Launched with CMR

    Nope. No way, no how. They tried to screw the purchasers over once already - fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Go DIAF WD.
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    G7 Microserver ILO - can't ssh to it?

    He did say relatively. Which in this case means before the death of the sun, not after the heat death of the universe, I would guess :)
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    Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ error beep codes

    I am troubleshooting one of these at the moment - built the new cluster, was fine for 48h then slowed to 5% of performance and won't reboot (B2 POST code - and now, after 8h off, BA). Can you get to the BMC to see the POST Snooping page? Does it power itself off after the beeping? CPU known...
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    Trusted Sources - Mellanox ConnectX-3

    I'm only looking for 3-4 - replace the flaky one and add a pair to the lab NAS. It's not a production/commercial environment by any means, hence the choice of AUD50 second hand not AUD500 vendor new :). And while I don't mind if this turns into a "who has what interesting stuff" thread, @Patrick...
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    Trusted Sources - Mellanox ConnectX-3

    Thanks - yeah that's a good point. I'm in Australia but I recognise most of this stuff is in the US and Europe.
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    Trusted Sources - Mellanox ConnectX-3

    I'm looking for a source for Mellanox 3 (pref. the MCX311A) cards - every source I find on Ebay seems to have the same set of images and text for the MCX311A cards; I've had two failures (one never detected, the other connects but doesn't pass traffic) so I'm left wondering if the cards are...
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    2nd Domain Controller, or vMotion / HA

    From a "doing it the right way" perspective, you should have 2 DCs with appropriate rules (DRS for VMware I think) that schedule them on separate hosts.
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    X10SRA + E5-1650v3 + ECC UDIMMs - POST code 67

    SuperMicro reckon it's a bad socket. I need to get off my ass, find a CPU socket cover and complete the RMA.
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    X10SRA + E5-1650v3 + ECC UDIMMs - POST code 67

    Honestly for $100 or so, this is worth a bid anyway It's not the RAM. Plugged in some loaner RDIMMs from a working Precision T5810 (it's the same platform and CPU) and same error code. Will switch CPUs next... Edit: OK and it's not the CPU either...