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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    You literally cannot have something that's completely compatible with IPv4 as well as providing increased address spaces and changing all the code, all the tools, all the IPv4-aware hardware etc. All the IPv4 code in the world has 32 little bit-sized boxes to put the IP address into. The moment...
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    How do I deal with Hyper-V wanting a password of the host machine that I do not have?

    You can't use a password-less account to access RDP (Remote Desktop) or SMB (File Share) in Windows. You must have a password assigned to the account.
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Speaking as a 6450 owner, for me, it'd be the 7450. Newer tech, still updated I think where the 6610 is done. Likely lower power too.
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    Patching Intel X520 EEPROM to unlock all SFP+ transceivers

    It does, thanks - if nothing else it confirms you're using the ProSet driver, as am I. I suppose I shall have to fiddle with different transceivers - I think mine under test is an HP, but I have Finisar and Dell too.
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    Patching Intel X520 EEPROM to unlock all SFP+ transceivers

    I can confirm the new instructions for current ethtool work as Eric describes. However, having applied 0xFD to both my X520 cards, I no longer get the unsupported SFP message (on Windows so I can't use the option for ixgbe) but I also do not get a successful link. I'm also interested therefore...
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    [Win2022] STOP in vmswitch.sys adding VMNetworkAdapter to host

    Dang it, mine is the exact inverse :(. Broadcom BSOD, Intel fine. I'm trying to source some 560SFP or 560FLR-SFP (basically Intel X520) to try instead - but maybe I should try non-HP drivers too...
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    [Win2022] STOP in vmswitch.sys adding VMNetworkAdapter to host

    Yeah I realise the Gen8 isn't "qualified" but I'm not spending $20K $30K(!) to get Gen10 nodes for my home lab. They're DL380p and identical specs apart from RAM distributions - some are 24 x 8, others 8 x 16 + 8 x 8. Really the only difference between p and e versions is that the p was...
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    [Win2022] STOP in vmswitch.sys adding VMNetworkAdapter to host

    Playing with Server 2022 in the lab here, and I'm trying to set up a Hyper-V cluster on my DL380 G8. The first node went fine. All the other three nodes have the same problem - OS installed, firmware, drivers and HP niceties added fine. When I create the VMSwitch - no error (see...
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    HP Controllers with non HP Disks

    Just to update this in case anyone else finds it. No issue with 3P disks in the DL380p Gen8. I have 2 HP SSDs which came with it, 2 Intel SSDs of the same model, and 8x3TB Toshiba and Seagate drives - and it's suitably quiet.
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    566 Nas chassis! perfect!

    Holy crap that's almost exactly what I designed for myself a couple of years back (with roughly the same idea/criteria). Right down to the two large fans and the 8-10 drives (I would have to go find my "design" to see what's different). Kudos for making it. Edit: I'm bloody old it was more than...
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    Simple Hyper-V Failover cluster

    Not quite - hook it up to Azure Site Recovery and for (IIRC) $10 a month Azure will do the failover management for you. It's been a long time since I looked at it but it could be an option. The better option is to have something onsite. Ping the primary and if it's failed for 5m start on...
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    Recommend a vSAN all flash cache drive?

    Intel P3605 cards are PCIe and would be one I'd consider if m.2 isn't a hard requirement, though at a couple hundred each for 1.6TB they're not cheap. I do think it's a reasonably good value option, though.
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    HP Controllers with non HP Disks

    Not sure if it's better here or in Servers, but has anyone recently tried using non-HP firmware disks in Gen8 servers? I'd specifically be trying to juggle a p408i controller into a Gen8 server (so I can have mixed mode) and then using the existing 3TB disks I have for storage. I presently have...
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    Switch licensing hell

    Nope, there's no money in that. Apparently it's better business to fail to sell new switches to some than to sell licenses for old ones. I'd also probably go for the secondhand ICX switches and just get a couple of spares. For the cost of the time to try to get licensing working, compared to...