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    Ruckus Wireless as an Unifi alternative?

    Same set of SSIDs on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. My two OS X machines (a MacBook Pro and a desktop) do not have any trouble with the 5GHz network. My mother-in-law is currently staying with us and her iPhone and iPad don't seem to have any issues staying on 5 GHz either. Just the two Android phones...
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    Ruckus Wireless as an Unifi alternative?

    My new (to me) R710 has been up and running for about a week and a half now with Unleashed and my UAP-AC-PRO shut down. The R710 is running the same SSIDs as the UAP-AC-PRO was and, for the most part, the R710 is doing better than the UAP-AC-PRO and I'm pretty happy with it...
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    (Update 04-25) DFI DT122 (AMD RX-427BB) Industrial ITX T730-a-like; $99 shipped w/ 8GB

    If you're still looking, I have one new in box that I'm planning to part with. Can't remember the RAM/HD (if any) sizes...will have to double check. PM me if you want to try to make a deal. I also have another that I modded to be quieter (mostly unsuccessfully) for HTPC duty...I'll probably...
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    Ruckus Wireless as an Unifi alternative?

    Thanks for the info. The laws of science be a harsh mistress...we'll see if it becomes usable enough with the R710 (I mostly want to be able to do FaceTime/Google Duo calls with my kids to my parents from the backyard as they play this summer...). If not, I think I will see if I can find a cheap...
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    Introduction to the HP t640 Thin client - your cheap little AMD NUC7 alternative

    Well it does appear that the T640 supports NVMe drives. Here's a couple photos of the slot and motherboard of mine that arrived today. It's clearly labeled "SATA or NVMe/PCIe/eMMC". I don't have an NVMe drive to confirm 100%, though.
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    Ruckus Wireless as an Unifi alternative?

    I have an R710 on the way to replace an UAP-AC-Pro that doesn't give me very good coverage from one side of the house to the other (I have another UAP-AC-Pro in a box, but right now it's not feasible to run a cable through the attic to mount it where it needs to go), so I'm hoping the R710 does...
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    HP SAS Expander Wiki

    Not using the 1x piece at all...just the 16x riser. Had them in a couple of DAS boxes and they worked great (until I upgraded to a Dell expander that supported 6gbps for SATA drives)
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    HP SAS Expander Wiki

    Yep, that's exactly what I did with mine.
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    Introduction to the HP t640 Thin client - your cheap little AMD NUC7 alternative

    Gotcha. I don't have any NVMe drives to test, but if you'd like I can take better photos of the connector for you to inspect or gather any other info you want before I put my T640 into service.
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    Introduction to the HP t640 Thin client - your cheap little AMD NUC7 alternative

    Thanks for putting this together. I snagged one on eBay for $150 with best offer after seeing this guide. Plan is to use it as a silent HTPC for 4K playback and probably Zooming/Skyping with distant family from the living room. One thing I noticed: According to the QuickSpecs...
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    Supermicro AOC-STGN-I1S $18 shipped

    Ordered one of these a few days ago (I'm planning to see if I can edit the PCI IDs with ethtool and use the SmallTree drivers in OS X). Unfortunately the seller sent it in a Priority Mail Express box with only a First Class label attached, so USPS treated it as PM Express and it came postage...
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    Hardware Failures in 2020 - Post yours!

    Had a Gigabyte GA-7PESH2 motherboard die on me a month or two ago. Just woke up one morning and it wouldn't power on. It was my whitebox Proxmox server. I found a Dell 720 on Craigslist locally and picked that up to replace it - it came with more RAM with lesser CPU cores, so I moved my CPUs...
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    IIRC the model number printed on the front of the chassis will include the 'P' if it's a PoE model.
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    Finishing New Server Build : Time for SAS HBA IT mode card

    You should be able to flash the LSI (Broadcom) 2208 firmware to IT mode and use it just fine without an add-on card.