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    Sorry, old thread. Everything has been sold.
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    [FS][US-VA] Ubiquiti CloudKey Gen2 Plus and Rack Mount kit

    Accepting Paypal, Cash, Venmo Shipping via USPS Priority (free within CONUS), discount if picked up. Item condition: Used <1year No box/document/cables included. Everything functions perfectly. Replaced with UDM-Pro. $225 $215 shipped
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    [WTB] DDR4 ECC REG Rams

    I’ll make a note that I’ll also trade my LRDIMMs for equivalent RDIMMs.
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    [WTB] DDR4 ECC REG Rams

    I have 2x Samsung 32GB 2133P - M386A4G40DM0-CPB dimms @ $150 shipped for the pair.
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    Synology Low Speed with 40Gbps NIC & Nvme SSD

    How many lanes are being presented to the NVME SSDs?
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    WTB: Low end MB/CPU/RAM combo with HTML5 IPMI

    If you find something recent enough with HTML5 virtual console, around $100 shipped, please pass it along to the rest of us. Cheapest I've seen on here was a Supermicro Xeon D-1508 board for ~$175.
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    VSAN 3Node - Real numbers?

    I appreciate the info. Going to increase the disk stripes and test again. It makes sense that the write performance is limited by a single instance.
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    VSAN 3Node - Real numbers?

    Initial use case is to toss a few storage servers on it for cifs hosting. It makes sense that write performance would be slightly lowered to maintain speeds for many users but we did expect more with how many hosts/DGs we have (and with optane soaking up all the writers). Should we stripe or...
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    VSAN 3Node - Real numbers?

    Not happy to see this thread. Just deployed a relatively large VSAN cluster and we’re seeing abysmal write speeds. 7 hosts, 14x PM883 3.84TB capacity disks and 2x P4800X 750GB cache (per host). Crystal disk mark shows under 1GB on the SEQ4K. screenshot to follow. there must be something wrong...
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    Supermicro X10SDV-2C-TLN2F motherboard d-1508 ddr4

    Any boards still available?
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    Price drop.
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    added new items
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    Fairly quiet. I ran it on my desk when testing an all flash setup and it wasn’t very noticeable. If I thought I could capture the sound in a video clip then I’d suggest sending one to you but I don’t think it would come through.
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    updated quantities and lowered prices.