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    VMWare Datastore migration

    Best bet is to get a license the essentials kit might work for you if you have a small environment but here is an article of how to move them (REMEMBER BACKUPS ARE YOUR FRIEND) How to move VMware ESXi VM to new datastore using vmkfstools | Alessandro Arrichiello
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    FS switch Review

    haha ya i can see that i just was looking for a new switch to eliminate a bottleneck at my office and price/performance wise it looked good but everywhere i looked there were no reviews or documentation. only people saying they use them and they work ok and only complaint is documentation. then...
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    FS switch Review

    I have looked around for a full review of the FS switches and haven't been able to find any. I was wondering if it was possible to see one on STH soon since their pricing is SUPER low and the features seem in line with Enterprise/Datacenter switches.