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    H11SSL-I cannot access BIOS

    Both of F1, F2, DEL, F12 cannot access BIOS, already open a Support Case at SM for Support...:(
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    H11SSL-I cannot access BIOS

    I bought a SUPERMICRO MBD-H11SSL-I Mainboard on late Oct and arrived to my home 2 week ago. After I to installed the Motherboard into my workstation, it successfully boot up. I can see the "Supermicro" logo with White Background, however, whatever I try to press <DEL>, <F12>...etc,. Anyone...
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    SuperMicro A2SDV-8C-TLN5F 10GBase-T LAN Problem

    my original planning.....Test all hardware in windows first and move to pfsense later
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    SuperMicro A2SDV-8C-TLN5F 10GBase-T LAN Problem

    already tried, not working.....
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    SuperMicro A2SDV-8C-TLN5F 10GBase-T LAN Problem

    Yes, i have installed the chipset driver first and follow with the LAN driver, but the onboard 10GB LAN not working
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    SuperMicro A2SDV-8C-TLN5F 10GBase-T LAN Problem

    Hello, i had bought a SuperMicro A2SDV-8C-TLN5F motherboard several months ago to build a router Below is my computer config Motherboard:SuperMicro A2SDV-8C-TLN5F Storage: Intel Optane Memory 32Gb RAM: Kingston KVR24R17S4/16 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz Reg ECC Riser: RSC-RR1U-E8 AOC: AOC-STG-I4T Case...
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    Intel Wireless AC-9260, Where can I got it?

    I just receive a reply from dealer, 9260 should be available on market end of this month
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    Intel Wireless AC-9260, Where can I got it?

    Hi All, Seem Intel have been launch Intel Wireless Ac-9xxx series several month already. Do any one know where can I but it?
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    Cheap chinese x79 mobos

    Search '華南金牌X79', which is hua nan in chinese, you may find some @TaoBao
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    Where are the Atom C3000 boards?

    I have ordered A2SDV-8C-TLN5F from Supermicro, ETA ~ End of Nov to Early Dec.
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    Intel (IBM Firmware) DC S3500 1.6TB SSD - Brand New

    Can I use it in normal computer, or these SSD only can use in IBM machine?
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    As title, i have 4 HP oem hgst husmm8040ass204 for sell HGST HUSMM8040ASS204 400GB interface: sas 3.0 (12gb/s) Quantity: 4 price: 1000 usd (250 * 4) item in Hong Kong
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    HP 3.2TB Solid State Drive 12G SAS Mixed Use-3 SFF 2.5-in

    May I know the weblink please?
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    12Gb/s SSD

    TOSHIBA PX04 should be another 12Gb SAS SSD can be consider Some of the toshiba PX03 800GB can be find at ebay sell as $800
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    Intel P3700 800GB @ebay

    Hi, Intel P3700 Series 800GB 2 5" 20nm MLC SSDPE2MD800G4C1 | eBay although seller setting up a price 1600 per P3700, However, seller accept 800USD per P3700 by make offer. $1/GB for P3700 800GB isn't bad.