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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    Noise and temps aren't an issue for me as they are in a rack within a cooled environment. I just don't want to buy a normal 7700 and find the mini's are whitelist locked to certain CPUs.
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    I've been reading a few pages but there is a lot of info. Can I use non T cpu's in these machines? I have a few Prodesk G3's I want to upgrade but 7700T is hard to find. Wondering if they will take a normal 7700 and throttle a bit for temps.
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    EU WTB: Intel Core i7-4790S and Socket 2011 Xeon

    Can you do 3 of those Apacers for 15 incl. shipping? (Ship within NL (brievenbuspakketje))
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    Samsung Odyssey+ VR headset is back on sale!!!

    It depends. I've had one for a few years now and been using it on and off. Haven't used it in a while but been playing Beat Saber every day for past 6 months. Also Boneworks is really fun. Lot of the experiences (games) you're probably done with after trying a few times. Waiting for HL: Alyx
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    Processor advice for MS Sql Servers

    Why do you need to high core speed instead of many cores? Especially with SQL.
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    For Sale - HP C7000 Bladecenter w/ BL465/685 G7 blades & Operton 6276 cpus

    Please post a price according to the forum rules.
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    Supermicro X9/X10/X11 Fan Speed Control

    I knew, but I was reading contradicting things. Just wanted to be 1 more voice if anyone is searching about this.
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    Supermicro X9/X10/X11 Fan Speed Control

    Just to add to this. For me on a X10 board (X10SRW-F) it only worked after a reboot of the unit and the ipmi. Then the commands would stick. It will default back to FULL after a reboot or messing with the fan settings again. It's now set on 20% speed and scripted it to set it back to 20% after a...
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    Guidance on building home server

    CPU is a bit weak but should work if you don't do all those things at the same time. I'd create a VM for both and create virtual network adapters on both VM's. You dont need more than 1 network adapter for this. Also you can then manage the storage on the hypervisor level (with the raid card if...
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    This might be too expensive as I bought a similar barebone for 50 euros a month ago. My deal was pretty cheap but I think 10 times the price might be a bit much. Just my 2c.
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    Supermicro X9/X10/X11 Fan Speed Control

    Have you tried rebooting (the BMC and server) after setting it to FULL? I have the same problem and this is my last hope but I can't try it until I'm back home.
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    Do things exist to connect 2 SATA cables together?

    I'm in the Netherlands. Do you have an idea of shipping costs? Thank you very much for the offer! I'm looking for coupler (same connector both ends). These look like extension cables. :)
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    Do things exist to connect 2 SATA cables together?

    Coupler! I couldn't think of the English word for it. Looks like it's what I'm looking for, thanks. :)