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    WTB: RAILS! Looking for APC 2u rails, HP DL80/380 G9 rails, EMC STL-KTN3 rails and Supermicro SC822 rails

    If you hadn't guessed by the title, I'm looking for some rails.. I have a SMT2200RM2U that needs rails and ears. It has the rear "squares" on it, but no ears. It looks like the standard 0M-756H rails will do for this. I could actually use two sets of these. A set of inner and outer rails for...
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    EMC KTN-STL3 15 bay chassis

    As long as both power supplies and both controllers are present, they're very quiet as far as fan noise. Connected to a 9207-8e HBA and Unraid, no alarms. Where is local? I'd be interested in picking another one up.
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    GOT IT!

    As the title says, i'm in the need for a HBA with external ports. Low profile bracket is required. IT mode as it will be running a DS2246 and a DS4246. I'm also in the need of a QSFP SFF-8436 to mini SAS SFF-8088 cable for above setup. Thanks!
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    FS [ US-IA ] Unifi USG Pro 4 price cut

    @John Burns, not sure if you're getting notifications on PM'S? Check your messages
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    FS [ US-IA ] Unifi USG Pro 4 price cut

    @John Burns , sent you a PM