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    EU HP Q2F24A SN2100M 100GbE 8 QSFP28 Half Width Switch GBP 750 OBO

    I haven't seen many anecdotes about 100G switch power consumption from the homelab scene but I can't imagine they're on par with lower tier ethernet, the ASICs have to be fairly hungry on their own and each XCVR pushing 4 lasers add up fast. Comparing to CFP class 100G power consumption should...
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    FS: Lanner FW-7525C Atom C2518 Fanless Network Appliance with pfSense

    Can you determine the SoC revision/date to discern if this might eventually suffer from the LPC-CLK failure?
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    SFP+ is just one of the more recent packaging shrinks, 10G was available in XFP prior to SFP+, etc. The telecom transition from 2.5G to 10G WAN PHY happened in the late 90's with line cards that didn't have plug-able transceivers. 10GbE came along at the sunset of of monolithic line cards and...
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    WD – HGST – STEC 1TB MLC PCIe Solid State Accelerator $75

    asdf Do you have the MLC or SLC variety? Any sustained write bench-marking? For the SLC quoted at 600MB/s I wonder how far that is from reality. At an honest 600MB/s, for slog, you're not leading a used 860 Pro by much and at a glance I didn't see an endurance estimate to compare but given the...
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    WTB: 4x 8TB or 10tb HGST drives

    I haven't seen an amazing deal on external 8s in a minute, but right now I see a new price of $144. Used for ~$100, I'd be looking for a drive with not much over 10k hours in service. I ball park what I'm willing to pay as a ratio of hours used of a nominal 30k hour lifetime. Though I won't pay...
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    FS: Brocade brand 40Gb QSFP cables (new) and WTB

    I was denigrating AOCs in relation to typical optics and patch fibre. AOC fails; three otherwise discrete components go in the bin, unless it's a breakout in which case you're fishing a hydra with very awkward heads out of the rack to trash the equivalent of 10 discrete components. 10! you say...
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    FS: Brocade brand 40Gb QSFP cables (new) and WTB

    I got distracted and forgot to address your specific concern before mashing post. :p I don't really understand the appeal of AOCs, but then I work in telco and could scope/clean fibre with my head in a bucket of mud. While I have been dispatched far too many times to find DC techs that one...
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    FS: Brocade brand 40Gb QSFP cables (new) and WTB

    Samir, Quad packed xcvrs have 4 individual signalling lanes that can then be converted to individual optical signals transmitted over multiple strands of multimode MPO fibre or as distinct wavelengths on a single mode lone pair. QSFPx breakouts bifurcate these individual optical, or electrical...
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    Vega 64's More to come

    On a related note Vega uses HBM memory which has higher bandwidth for lower power budget than DDR4/GDDR5 contemporaries but higher cost. 5700 uses GDDR6 which closes the gap on performance at a more consumer targeted price but still HBM is superior for general compute rather than gaming.
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    64GB DDR4-2666 LRDIMM $280

    I've sniped two individual SK Hynix HMAA8GL7AMR4N-VK from ebay so far at $270 and $280. Six more to go but I'm hoping they'll dip further over the next few months.
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    Intel VCA Card Under $800

    I don't think you're quite as aware of what I'm talking about as you believe, the Xeon 3D prowess or lack there of isn't what's relevant.
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    Intel VCA Card Under $800

    These seem like they'd make a hell of an upgrade from something like an Nvidia Quadro P2000 or better for serving transcoded Plex streams.
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    FS: DDR3 RDIMMs (Dell R720 Pulls)

    The Newegg page you linked to currently shows a -30% promo code...