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    Cisco Nexus 5548P - Quieter Fan Mod?

    Noctua NF-A4x10
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    SOLVED: HP / HPE - igb 0000:02:00.0: The NVM Checksum Is Not Valid

    are you looking for drivers or firmware?
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    Cisco Nexus 5548P - Quieter Fan Mod?

    yes you can do a fanmod.
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    Need some help simplifying my network

    cool. come here again for an extra advice :D
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    NVMe u.2 drives

    you want cheap, good enterprise ssd? one of these requirements need to go.
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    NVMe u.2 drives

    links? sure. u.2 ssd |
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    Arista switch - Ghost traffic

    i dont know if Arista DCS-7060CX-32S got a hub mode, but if it is, thats exactly how hubs are supposed to work? hubs dont learn the mac table and flood the traffic on all ports - the client is to filter out his dest traffic. plz draw the net diagram, your network setup is unclear.
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    Intel Gracemont Low Power x86 Cores

    I wish there were some benchmarks and hands-on experience, not a re-hash of intel's marketing materials. Not even a list of CPUs getting released. Thats cool that these chips are low-power, but how much low power? What are the TDPs and what is the required cooling capacity. Recap: larger...
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    QSFP+ NIC to Cisco SFP switch

    added: it seems that Catalyst 3560CG-8PC-S only got 1gig SFP ports for uplinks :(
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    QSFP+ NIC to Cisco SFP switch

    yes, these converter modules will make sfp+ cable to work on 1g instead. this converters do work. the alternative is to use MTP breakout cables and configure both the switch and the nic to use only 1 of the 4 strands Cisco QSFP-4SFP10G-CU50CM QSFP+ Breakout DAC Cable
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    Cisco Catalyst 2960L - Is it dead? (Yes)

    Try to send a firmware over the serial with xmodem. Does your switch have an external SD/CF/mem card? Maybe slots for ext storage? Then you can copy it over, break the boot and load from an external storage.
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    Cisco Catalyst 2960L - Is it dead? (Yes)

    Did you wait for 2 minutes for any additional output? This may be a normal boot process in progress.
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    Cisco Catalyst 2960L - Is it dead? (Yes)

    Try a different baud rate - maybe the sw is configured to have a rate over 9600 - maybe 38400, 57600 or 115200. If nothing works, erase the config and start fresh with the same serial settings.
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    82599 Phantom MAC address

    could it be some intel v-pro/LOM on a shared network port?
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    EXPIRED ES intel Optane P4800X 750GB $450 on ebay, 2 available

    because you can get a new, current non-ES ssd for less