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    Colocation Networking

    Thanks for replying. At home I have a router which creates a private network with RFC 1918 addresses. It handles NAT, dhcp, firewall, etc. You’re saying I only need a firewall and not a full router. So I’d give everything a public IP but have a firewall at the perimeter. And only if I needed...
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    Colocation Networking

    I’m moving a bunch of homelab hardware into a colocation rack. Some of it will be exposed to the public internet but most of it (storage server, ipmi interfaces, etc) will be private. My understanding is that the colo gives you an ip public prefix and you bring your own networking equipment, and...
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    Colo Space!

    @rnavarro I'm interested. Is the slot still open? Also, does HE have any remote hands services for basic tasks like swapping drives? I ask because I'm in socal and I'd only want to take the 6hr drive up for initial setup and major hardware changes.
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    Designing 1U/2U/3U/4U rackmount server chassis - these will be going to production - looking for input, ideas, and feedback!

    I was in the same "backplane or bust" camp but the cabling in the cx4712 with only 10 drives is totally manageable.
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    Switched and metered by outlet 120V PDU

    Such things are extremely, extremely expensive. If you’re up to tinker you should get the Sonoff S31. Cloudfree sells them preflashed with Tasmota: Sonoff S31 - CloudFree It’s what I use to monitor and remote controls my devices. I pump the power data into home assistant and then visualize it...
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    FS: 10TB Ultrastar DC HC510 x 7 (Los Angeles) (SOLD)

    These are the warranty expiration dates of the 12 I originally bought. I don't know which 7 I have. Most expire 2024-01, three expire 2023-06 and one expires 2023-08. If it's important to you I can figure it out precisely. FWIW I apparently bought these drives from @redeamon on this forum in...
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    FS: 10TB Ultrastar DC HC510 x 7 (Los Angeles) (SOLD)

    SOLD I've got 7 x 10TB Ultrastar DC HC510 drives. These were used in a homelab NAS for a few years so they should be very low on wear. The thing is, I'm feeling very lazy (I don't have HD boxes) and I only want to let someone come pick them up in Los Angeles. They're going for an average of...
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    18 TB WD Ultrastar DC HC550 @ $320

    Same drives are on Newegg for $330: WD Ultrastar DC HC550 18TB Hard Drive 3.5" Internal 512MB SATA 7200 RPM 512E SE NP3 DC HC550 0F38459 (WUH721818ALE6L4) Desktop Internal Hard Drives -
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    SAS drives with SATA breakout cable?

    Oh jeez that actually is the case here. I have the D1541D4I-2L2T which says "D1541: 6 x SATA3 6Gb/s (4 port from mini SAS, 1 port supports SATA DOM)". Whoops.
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    SAS drives with SATA breakout cable?

    Ah that was extremely informative, thanks. In that case, any idea where you could buy the miniSAS-to-SAS equivalent of an SFF-8087 forward breakout cable?
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    SAS drives with SATA breakout cable?

    I have a motherboard with a mini-SAS port and I have 4 SAS drives. Can I use a mini-SAS to 4 SATA forward breakout cable or does the forward breakout cable have to be mini-SAS to 4 SAS (which I can't even find for sale)?
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    Epyc 3251 thermal paste replacement

    The solution for me was to switch to a 1U SuperMicro case that had more airflow over the cpu heatsink
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    eBay SSD Provenance?

    I got all the drives into my system and the results were mixed. 2 of the drives were DOA, 1 had a failing controller (according to SMART), 2 had an OK SMART status with errors, and 5 were OK with no errors at all. That's not great for unwarrantied drives, of course, but the seller was really...