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    [WTS][Worldwide Shipping]DDR3+DDR4 Memory

    Can you post prices?
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    WTB LSI or Dell HBA IT Mode SAS Card

    I have an LSI 9300-8i (Supermicro AOC-3008L-8Le) - any cable requirements?
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    FS: Supermicro X11DPH-T + 216BE1C-R920LPB Barebone

    Thank you for saving me a bunch of money. I wanted this so bad!
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    [CLOSED] [Found] Supermicro BPN-SAS3-846EL1/2

    I kept pushing back on the RMA dept (who tried to get me to let them destroy the backplane lol), reopened a support case, and one particular support rep (Paul B) has been helping escalate internally. The backplane finally got to a "Systems PM" who may have actually resolved the issue, meaning...
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    [CLOSED] [Found] Supermicro BPN-SAS3-846EL1/2

    yea - is what i tried to upgrade to and the instructions originally provided to me were wrong.
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    [CLOSED] [Found] Supermicro BPN-SAS3-846EL1/2

    Supermicro still has the backplane - waiting on them to ship it back - definitely going to try and recover it myself - thank you for the link! if i can't get that to work i'll post it up for sale with the disclaimers
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    [CLOSED] [Found] Supermicro BPN-SAS3-846EL1/2

    Longshot, but looking for a bpn-sas3-846el1 or 846el2. Not interested in other models. Long story short, firmware update gone bad and now supermicro says the expander chip is also bad and beyond repair, outside warranty window by 3 months.
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    WTB: Supermicro "Square" Heatsinks for 2U - SNK-P0048P

    replacing the fans after removing the housing (easy) - but i can assure you they're very quiet with ipmi and push a lot of air - best 60mm fans i've owned, and can't beat that price!
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    WTB: Supermicro "Square" Heatsinks for 2U - SNK-P0048P

    If you do end up with the active ones, go for these fans: HP Elite 800G1 8200 8300 USDT Ultra Slim DT Delta AFC0612D Case Fan & Shroud | eBay
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    [Closed] Supermicro Atom C2758 1U (SC505-203)

    I have a spare 505-203b if you find the other components without a chassis
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    CSE-826E16-R500LPB power

    Is your UPS pure sine wave? if not, it could be conflicting with the PFC power supply and can cause this behavior.
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    Intel 900P 280GB U.2 drives $229

    Just got an offer of 2 at $188 each accepted from INTEL 280GB 900P U.2 SSD 9 2.5" OPTANE SSDPE21D280GAX1 PCIE 3.0x4 NVME New | eBay