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    Juniper SRX connection to NordVPN?

    By the way, OpenVPN is SSL based, not IPSEC. I'd be mightily surprised if you could establish an OpenVPN client connection on an SRX.
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    Seagate ST6000NM0074 6TB 7.2k 12Gb/s SAS SED Internal Hard Drive HOT DEAL!

    2 screws per side is plenty IMO to securely hold a drive in a fact, I have very rarely ever seen more than 2 per side used even though the 3rd middle screw hole is available
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    FS: QCT QuantaGrid D51B-2U Server - New/Open Box

    FYI, I know this seller, very trustworthy.
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    AVAGO AFBR-83EDZ,100 GB Gigabit Ethernet MMF CXP $49 obo shipped

    I doubt that would work, but I'm not familiar with CXP. From what I just read, CXP transceivers have 12 bidir channels @ 10Gbps each, while qsfp28 is 4 transmit + 4 receive.
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    Speedy NAS, help needed: Want 1.0GB/s

    I'm not a zfs guru like some folks here, but if your workloads are largely sequential, Which it sounds like they are, I'd recommend changing the record size in your pool to 1MB. You'd likely see a huge improvement.
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    Solarflare SFP+ 10Gbe cards

    FYI, if you have full height brackets but need half height, just mod them yourself....pretty money
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    40Gb to 10Gb breakout cable questions

    You would have a 40gbe port on your switch configured in 4x10gbe breakout mode, and 10 gbe links to your esxi hosts. I don't see a point in doing so unless you only have 10gbe nic in your host.... Even then, you'd be introducing a single point of failure.
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    Solarflare SFP+ 10Gbe cards

    I've been using solarflare cards in enterprise settings for many years. They're as good as it gets in my opinion. But I wouldn't recommend anything older than a 7122 at this point.
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    Nexus 3064 or ?

    I've managed a fair number of Nexus 3064 switches and I'd say they're a great switch, especially for the current price point on eBay. What are your specific requirements though? That will really drive the answer.
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    HP T610 can't get anywhere near 1Gb/s on iPerf3

    Have you checked any of the offload settings of the nic? How about with multiple iperf streams (-P x)?
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    Arista 7050QX - Cut-through - Store and Forward - iSCSI

    Traffic over a LAG is still cut-through. Traffic from 10g to 40g can never be cut-through on any switching platform... The entire frame must be received below sending or an underrun would occur. 40g to 10g will buffer obviously, but does cut through. As recommended, infiniband will be lower...
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    Anyone ever used Dell Force10 S55t-AC switch (or similar)? Any good?

    I've used various force 10 switches before Dell bought them, and they are excellent. The cli can take some getting used to though. I'd say force10 is the best line that Dell has to offer in networking.
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    Solarflare dual 10Gb SFP+

    It would definitely work. Also, solarflare cards are not picky at all about transceivers, it will accept any brand. Intel nic on the other hand, is picky about having Intel transceivers
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    Ring network with dual port network cards without a switch

    Why static routing? Check out quagga. Or search for BFD protocol for Linux. Maybe there's such a daemon.... Never looked.
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    FS: 2x Unifi AP AC

    Bump. Excellent seller to deal with by the way.