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    (WTB) Looking for consumer and enterprise 960gb, 1tb sata SSDs

    $140 is probably doable, but $70 will be unusual steal & good luck. Unless worn our chia type ssd now showing up.
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    Hi, I would be interested in purchase if extended version:).
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    WTB: 320GB Fusion-IO ioDuo SLC

    You can also try ebay, looks like only 1 with SLC/320GB at $250 right now (HP 320GB Fusion io Drive PCIe Flash SLC SSD Accelerator 600477-001 600281-B21 | eBay), ships from Australia. You can find cheaper if you are patient ;). ...MLC would be significantly cheaper, but also more limited write...
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    EU WTB Ruckus ICX7450 rack rails

    Hi Rand, If they won't work for you, would you be interested in selling your short set? Best Regards, ABQ
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    FS: Many, many home lab and home server items

    Very sorry to hear you & wife are facing health challenges.
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    Samsung - 980 PRO 1TB PCIE 4.0 x4 NVMe Gen4 $53 (possible scam)

    Not worth the hassle :(
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    WTB: Brocade ICX6450-48P

    I think you may be regrettably looking to eBay at this point.
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    Beginners question Raid Card & SM EL2 backplane

    Ditto, want to learn more about dual path SAS & diy implementations.
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    FS: Supermicro X11SDV-4C-TP8F

    I'm interested, if Karmak isn't :)
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    Samsung SSD PM1643 3.8TB SAS 12Gb/s MZ-ILT3T8A 2.5" @ $289.98 going fast!
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    Anyone here familiar with welding or soldering Aluminum ?

    Great question, I am interested in same subject. Lots of DIY & maker space folks here. Hopefully someone here has experience & advice to share.
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    Intel 900P 280GB U.2 drives $229

    Thank you very much for your help and caution on protocols. ...I think you are right, probably a bit too esoteric for my skills;)
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    Intel 900P 280GB U.2 drives $229

    @i386 do you have any particular recommendations to search for ?
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    US - STH Perpetual Freebies Thread

    PM'd, I'll be second for fans & riser brackets! Thx :)
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    EXPIRED Western Digital DC SA620 1.6tb $145 or buyer's offer

    @newabc, I may be google challenged here, and do not want to appear too obtuse, but the sandisk download site is here, and firmware CloudSpeed Gen. II Eco & Ultra SSD Drive Firmware (ZR11). But the...