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    H12SSL and Understanding Memory Rank

    Actually from the measurement I did, 2 rank drams have slightly higher write and copy speed. Other than that there are little difference, so does x4 and x8. The single rank better saying is just about overclocking, since single rank drams have less chips, thus generate less noise on the PCB and...
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    Intel Ice Lake Xeon Or Amd Epyc Milan?For SQL Sever

    Here are my benchmarks.
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    Intel Alder Lake-S Home Server Plans?

    The problem is the price. Might as well get an older 24 core, will have more lanes and also cheaper.
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    Intel Alder Lake-S Home Server Plans?

    I don't think that is something that needs that much attention. Both google and facebook is reporting FP unit hard faults on AMD cpus(originally it says CPUs with newer cmos process and architecture, but at the time of the report zen2 and zen3 are the only thing which uses new lithography). It...
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    Asrock wont support EPYC Milan on the EPYCD8/EPYCD8-2T

    Actually boards like H11SSL will force the pcie lanes to run at PCIe 3.0 when you have a Rome CPU on it. BTW my source indicates that H11SSL will never support Milan in the future. Don't know about other models but they are most likely to suffer the same fate. Although according to those...
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    Warranty sticker stuck at the back of the CPU

    More specifically, the seller does not want you to send back a different CPU with swapped IHS for warranty. But be careful, some of them use it to cover up fallen capacitors. Try heating up the sticker and peel it off a bit with a papper cutter to make sure. Or just remove it if you don't care...
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    Xeon 8259CL

    Only way to check whether it supports the cpu or not is to plug a CPU in and test. Those CPUs uses the same microcodes as regular ones so BIOS is not an issue. The PWM controllers on all C62x boards I saw are either ISL or TI controllers, both are reprogrammable by desoldering it and...
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    Xeon 8259CL

    I talked about this before, these "Amazon type" CPUs need the PWM to have supported programming to work. Now Asrockrack boards, some Gigabyte boards and new version of Supermicro X11DAI/X11DPI support them. And 8259L/8259CL are great CPUs, they're only 10% slower than 8280. Just a little...
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    EPYC vs 2xTR?

    The dual socket server boards should not support TR at all. Plus TR may not have XGMI lanes to support 2S.
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    NAS Build: Xeon vs. EPYC 3000 vs. Ryzen

    Well you should search if there are any people who secretly did not get this problem. There is a convenient way for this: the Crystal Disk Mark happen to include the 4KB random 16T32Q test by default. A 400-500K IOPS translates to about 1.6-2GB bandwidth in that test. A high end enterprise drive...
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    Intel 8124m board compatibility

    Not about TDP actually, 185W/205W 8171 and 195W 8272 don't work on old SM boards either. Also there are some 240W/255W ES things runs on these boards without problem. They may be using what intel provides and never cared about these "Amazon type" CPUs until people start asking about it. A new...
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    Intel 8124m board compatibility

    These X11 boards are all using CSD95480, 5 of which can supply up to 350A current to CPU vcore. Well enough for any LGA3647 CPU at stock. After all the hard turbo limit of 8124 is 3.4 all core or 3.5 dual core, with 3.0 all core AVX512. 240W is sufficient for this thing to run at full turbo in...
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    Intel 8124m board compatibility

    The VRM isn't upgraded, the original one is already powerful enough. it's the PWM program which allows the "Amazon type" CPU to be installed. And once the VRM supports them, the stepping 3 support is only an easy microcode injection thing everyone can do.
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    Intel 8124m board compatibility

    It's at this price for almost a year now in China if I remember. There's also a 18-core 6139 model at even lower price and support all motherboard types, but the performance is 15% lower due to lower TDP.