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  1. gigatexal
  2. Wictar
    Wictar CosX112
    Здравствуйте! Мы с вами переписывались насчет материнских плат пока свою плату Fujitsu подключить не смог, но не сдаюсь заказал для нее недостающие детали, но также приобрел материнскую плату Quanta, видимо, такую же как у вас. Если вам не сложно, вы могли бы описать или сфотографировать подключение?
  3. talsit
    talsit theITmart_ak
    I'd like to get the STH special with discount but making a call at a reasonable hour is hard for me. Can we set up the discount via email?
  4. abq
    abq Geen G
    Hello, I am interested in your Random Hardware, especially Dual Intel E5-2650's 1U and memory sticks (8gb & 16gb sticks). Thank You :)
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  5. fossxplorer
    fossxplorer Marsh
  6. Larson
    Larson Patrick
    Hi Patrick,

    Is there a way to stay logged into the forums (disable the auto-logout after certain amount of time)?

  7. Paul A. Mitchell
  8. fossxplorer
    fossxplorer Jannis Jacobsen
    are you still interested in buying Toshibas from Newegg? I live in Oslo, Norway.
  9. fossxplorer
    fossxplorer rkrenicki
    would like to buy, but i live in Norway.
    So ~ 45KG shipping will cost the earth i guess?
    Is there no cheap a** container ships to put such on to Norway?
  10. fossxplorer
    fossxplorer Flintstone
    let me know if you can't buy the Toshiba SSD.
    I might help out if you don't wanna use gigatexal's offer :)
  11. fossxplorer
    fossxplorer Srmarkovic
    would be nice to know about this reliable seller on AliE :)
    Thanks :)

    I bought two e5-2670 for 58€ per piece and 64GB Hynix 8x8 1333 ECC memory for 95€ from Aliexpress, all is freeshipping. Processors are ok and memory is GREAT in original package unopened with heatsinks. Good parts and fast delivery from China to Europe
    1. Srmarkovic
      Jul 24, 2016
  12. Srmarkovic
    Srmarkovic Oakdown
    Hello. I build PC like yours. I want to buy and install gtx 1060. How did you put gpu and in which slot? It said in S2600COEIOC manual that 2,3,5,6 slots are full PCIe 16 gen 3, but somehow I cant find enough space. Thank you.
  13. Ray
    Ray natelabo
    If for some reason you get more offers than you need I could use a couple or three of them myself.
  14. Ray
    Ray Oakdown
    How did you get rid of the error messages from not having system fans 3.4. & 5 hooked up? There is the blinking orange light on the back of the MB that stays on as long as there is an error I want to clear with no luck so far.
    1. Srmarkovic
      You have to start fru and answer on all questions. When you are ask if fan 3 is present answer no ...and so for others non active
      Jul 22, 2016
    2. Ray
      Thanks! I'll look into that.
      Jul 24, 2016
  15. Mr. F
    Mr. F spyrule
    I sold a SuperMicro server & Mellanox NICs to spyrule. The sale went well and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with again.
  16. Half Jaw Elite
    Half Jaw Elite rockitlikeithott
    Hey bud,
    Any chance those Unifi AP's you mentioned are still available?
  17. Half Jaw Elite
    Half Jaw Elite cw823
    Hey bud,
    Any chance those Intel VT quad ports cards you mentioned are still available?
  18. GoofyHSK
    Server needs maintenance.. just have to get around to it ><
  19. adamswebsiteaccount
    adamswebsiteaccount JimPhreak
    Hey JimPhreak,

    Out of interest what would you be looking for price wise for your X10SDV-TLN4F board?


  20. vanfawx
    I am not a robot.
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