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New Profile Posts

  1. ullbeking
    ullbeking vegeta
  2. ELit3
    What's the best proxywallet?
  3. denywinarto
    denywinarto CyberSkulls
    Hi CyberSkulls, i noticed you had some issues with sas card with HGST 4u60,
    Did you manage to resolve it? My Dell SC8000 card wont detect 12th drive and i'm considering replacing it.
    Do you know any cards that could properly detect 60 drives for that chassis?

  4. Harry P. Nyce
    Harry P. Nyce
    Hello, i'm nice.
  5. Twice_Shy
    finally back in school :)
  6. ELit3
    Is it a specific URL to log into an APC PDU?
  7. fossxplorer
    fossxplorer Craash
    can u delete the quote please?
  8. Savant
    Savant nitrobass24
    Still have the 4 x ironwolfs? Whats the best you can do on all 4 shipped to 80239?
  9. ELit3
    Anyone know a hard drive scrapper?
  10. ELit3
    ELit3 Cool Runnings
    Nice name "I love that movie".
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  11. ELit3
    Can anyone enlighten me on what a fabric extender is? I'm seeing them so cheap on ebay and wondering why the switches are more.
    1. ecosse
      Not an expert here but in the limited exposure I have had... extenders extend an existing fabric. They don't typically increase any bandwidth, just provide more ports, so essentially you are reducing the potential bandwidth/port but gaining more ports. So they are useful if you have run out of ports on the switch but the switch bandwidth is under-utilised.
      Sep 1, 2017
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  12. ELit3
    Someone recommend me a good cisco core/edge router under $3,000 that can support 4x10G uplinks.
  13. ELit3
    Living the American Dream! (NOT)
  14. dhenzjhen
    Initiate splinter sequence!!!!
  15. Drewy
  16. Mark Wilde
    Mark Wilde Patrick
    hi Patrick,
    I have seen so many good reviews on your website, I wonder if STH can test our hardwares and publish some review articles on your website. If this is okay, please let me know. Thank you!
  17. Hal
    Hal AJXCR
    I'm interest on storage/flash..... but I'm from Italy. If for you it is not heavy I shall be pleased to be in the group
  18. lunadesign
    lunadesign thecoffeeguy
    Hi there....I see you have a X10SRL-F that you were looking to use with ESXi....how has it worked out for you? Thanks!
  19. spazoid
    spazoid cesmith9999
  20. Janiashvili
    Janiashvili some1else
    Hey! Did you manage to install Windows 10 on Windmill system?