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  1. ELit3
    Someone recommend me a good cisco core/edge router under $3,000 that can support 4x10G uplinks.
  2. ELit3
    Living the American Dream! (NOT)
  3. dhenzjhen
    initiate splinter sequence
  4. Drewy
  5. Mark Wilde
    Mark Wilde Patrick
    hi Patrick,
    I have seen so many good reviews on your website, I wonder if STH can test our hardwares and publish some review articles on your website. If this is okay, please let me know. Thank you!
  6. Hal
    Hal AJXCR
    I'm interest on storage/flash..... but I'm from Italy. If for you it is not heavy I shall be pleased to be in the group
  7. lunadesign
    lunadesign thecoffeeguy
    Hi there....I see you have a X10SRL-F that you were looking to use with ESXi....how has it worked out for you? Thanks!
  8. spazoid
    spazoid cesmith9999
  9. Janiashvili
    Janiashvili some1else
    Hey! Did you manage to install Windows 10 on Windmill system?
  10. waspsoton
    waspsoton Drewy
    Cheers mate. I am planning on using it as a storgate server. How many sata connectors has it got. Also thinking of putting the motherboard in a case. Have u installed esxi on it?? Cheers for the info mate
    1. Drewy
      From memory 12-14. However only 4 are wired. 6 come off the intel chipset and the other 8 off another controller. No idea if all work.
      Feb 11, 2017
  11. waspsoton
    waspsoton Drewy
    Hello mate did u ever buy the Foxconn Reworked DA0S2MMB8B0 server??
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    3. waspsoton
      cool. whats it like? I am thinking of getting one. but I am finding it hard to find out any info about the motherboard. any details would be great.
      Feb 10, 2017
    4. Drewy
      It's fine. It has limitations obviously. Haven't managed to find any firmware updates, so stuck with e5 v1 cpus. Only 1 pcie slot, if you need to use it get the riser when you buy the server.
      Feb 10, 2017
    5. Drewy
      It's reasonably quiet for a 1u server, you wouldn't want it next to you for long but it's not bad. Draws about 5w on standby (ipmi up) and idle's at 100w. Only have 1 2.5" sata hd in it. Currently running as a proxmox host. I have a 520da2 in the pcie slot, so 3 10gb ports in all. I'm happy with it. Price has increased about 100GBP since I bought mine but still a good price.
      Feb 10, 2017
  12. waspsoton
    waspsoton Jack-BH
    Hello mate I believe u work for bargain hardware?? Do bargain hardware do custome builds?? I am looking for a board and case and some ram. The board needs to take some e5-2600 series. Any help that would be great
  13. Tom5051
    Disk arrays are like breasts, bigger is better
  14. Gabriel Mateiciuc
    Gabriel Mateiciuc gardar
    Could you help me with the connectx-2 oracle firmware ?
  15. gigatexal
  16. Wictar
    Wictar CosX112
    Здравствуйте! Мы с вами переписывались насчет материнских плат пока свою плату Fujitsu подключить не смог, но не сдаюсь заказал для нее недостающие детали, но также приобрел материнскую плату Quanta, видимо, такую же как у вас. Если вам не сложно, вы могли бы описать или сфотографировать подключение?
  17. talsit
    talsit theITmart_ak
    I'd like to get the STH special with discount but making a call at a reasonable hour is hard for me. Can we set up the discount via email?
  18. abq
    abq Geen G
    Hello, I am interested in your Random Hardware, especially Dual Intel E5-2650's 1U and memory sticks (8gb & 16gb sticks). Thank You :)
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  19. fossxplorer
    fossxplorer Marsh
  20. Larson
    Larson Patrick
    Hi Patrick,

    Is there a way to stay logged into the forums (disable the auto-logout after certain amount of time)?